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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Overdue bloggins #1

Hi! I guess it is cool to get on the internet once in a while, instead of just that crappy version of phone-facebook for your most-likely-the-first-prototype-ever-of-that-one-phone-with-a-slidey-out-keyboard. {Hey. It has a camera that only takes pictures! Technology is pretty crazy these days, kids. I mean, back when I was your age....}

ANYWAYS, before I get too nostalgic, here's a very, VERY crappy amazing graphic novel I made for a history project. I mean, really, my artistic greatness just doesn't get better than this seven page splendor. I have a lot that should probably be kept track of on this "web log", but instead of helping you keep tabs on my life, I usually end up watching The X-Files alone while my dog loses respect for me.

And now, without further adue, I present to you, my darlings, The Slightly Macabre Adventures of Ezekiel the Lowly Immigrant Boy!

Click to zoom, bro.