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Thursday, December 31, 2009

And if I couldn't post enough today...

Hello! I remember what I was going to post about before I posted three minutes ago!!

Last night I left my house.... FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WEEK!! Progress! I am getting better! Hooplah!

I even managed to snag a lovely old lady dress and a cardigan with eyes all over it! It is lovely. Then, after being outdoors for at least an hour (gawl, look at me go!) I started hacking up some internal organs so I went home and got back into my pajamas.

But, you all should be proud of me. I even wore an outfit that contained as many items that I got for Christmas as possible. They are as follows...
  1. Hobbit boots
  2. Headband from Marzji
  3. Cursive CTR ring
  4. 'To thine own self be true' ring
  5. Yellow plaid cardigan
  6. fuzzy socks
  7. Lovely blue scarf from BreMarie

That is my record. Hey! Gimme a break! I was excited! I had all this stuff that I haven't had a chance to wear because of my bed-ridden-ness. There was also an awkward meeting with a school acquaintance. Success.

I must post pictures of all the lovely things I got for Christmas. Which makes me seem extremely self-absorbed. But you know what, there is really no reason to worry about my ego, because I never actually DO post any pictures. Becuase I am American. And German. So it gives me reason to be flaky.

(Note to self: New Years' resolution: stop promising things and not following through..BAH! Like that's going to happen!)

For now,


I am a prune in the sun and am not a plum.

Dear readers,

I hate New Years.

I feel like my entire year has been wasted on monotonous and stupid things. There was so much I wanted to do this year! And I have accomplished none of it. But, I did have a dream about Andy Warhol. Another one, I mean.

He was sitting there, his skin wrapped tightly over his seemingly overwhelmed cheekbones. The walls surrounding him were white. His hair missheveled and his nose red. He looked cold.He adjusted his over sized glasses. And that was it. I woke up. It was beautiful. It was surreal. And it was over. I miss it. It was so peaceful.

I sound like a lunatic.

I am so uninspired right now. So, this New Year's, fend for yourselves. And I will soon post the opinions column that I write for the school newspaper.

I write about all sorts of things. Politics, Gastric-bipass. All that rot.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Walrus was Paul.

Hello there!
I am still confined. How are you?
That is good.
Yesterday I received my vintage Andy Warhol buttons I purchased off of ebay in the mail. I love getting mail. It is sort of this exciting feeling a letter or parcel or whatnot. It is almost a tiny remembrance of something lovely that has been passed on through generations. I mean, think about it, one thing that has lasted for centuries and still hasn't been outdated with new technologies is mail. We should all be very grateful for it, I know I am!
I have recently been drawing a picture of Julie Andrews' as Frau line Maria in The Sound of Music. It is turning out well, and my oh my! Such lovely cheekbones she has! I wish I could own a lot of the clothes she wears in that show, as well as in Mary Poppins. Gash! She is just an all-around classy dame!
OH! I almost forgot to tell you! I had such a wonderful dream last night! This art gallery in SLC had a delicious collection of original Warhols. And I was invited to the opening of the Gallery!! It was glorious. Maryn, Tavi, and I were all there, and we got locked out in the cold. And none of us had cell phones. We chatted for hours, all while pressing our noses against the glass to get a look at the paintings. It was wonderful.
And then I woke up with a kitten sleeping on my face, resulting in a fit of coughing, sneezing, and wheezing.

I really love this song. My sister spills that these guys are some really classy fellows live. I am living vicariously through my sister. Oh dear....

xo- Lexi

Monday, December 28, 2009

New.*moan*. Yuck.

Hello there Lovelies!
Hope you are all out there enjoying your freedom and poor air quality. Meanwhile, I am sitting here upon my Mothers' new memory foam mattress topper. Sick. Sick as a doornail.
I was at the doctor's on Saturday for reasons unknown, and ended up back at my home five hours later with an inhaler full of steroids and the black cloud of pre-pneumonia symptoms hanging o'er my hideous head, wearing my surgical mask like I don't know what to do with myself.
(Which, honestly, I don't.)
Last night a good friend of mine brought over a lovely comic and a bag full of movies simply for my enjoyment through this hostile illness. It was everso kind of her. I do love that girl.
So, NATURALLY, I wake up at 7:00 a.m. and watch Labyrinth to pass the time!!!
Aaaahhh that David Bowie sure knows how to steal a girl's heart away!! Him and his charming little tights and fancy crystal bubble things and those....gremlins.. and that...babe..
(Reminds me of the babe.)
(What babe?)
(the babe with the power!)
(What powerrrr... Okay, I'm done.)
Now I will tell you all fantastical stories of Christmas wonders.
THIS, dear kitties, is a pitiful, egotistical shrine of vintage inspirations within itself. I present to you...
When I get my Pap's fast Internet.
While you wait for my Christmas report, enjoy this music video by a lovely little Las Vegas band I like to call The Killers. I don't care if they are popular and overrated, their music is poetry, and I am NOT a bandwagon fan. I got their first album when I was eight, people. I am a real fan. Even though I tend to sway towards the more "indie" "beard folk" kind of music.
And Brandon Flowers is gorgeous.
And I referenced this song earlier in this post.
So it is applicable.

Do enjoy, this is off of my favorite album by them: Sam's Town. This song was amazing live.

That is all


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas! (Eve)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
All my love

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The target by my house does not carry the Rodarte collection.

I think I might cry.

I don't wear eyelashes so I won't miss the last laugh of this show.

Today I was reading the comments that I have got on my blog and saw a lovely one from SomeDayNewYorker. She too shares a love (obsession?) for Regina Spektor. I followed the cookie trail to her etsy and found this lovely little item.

Just gaze at it for a few seconds. It is a skirt. AND IT IS MADE OUT OF FEATHERS.

I want to buy it and wear it every day. Absolutely gorgeous. If you would like to take a looksy at it , click here. Bask in its awesomeness.

It is neat to know that other people besides myself are looking at this blog.It makes me feel like I have a place in this surreal cyber world. I also have been spending way too much time on , convincing myself that "What the heck!? I could totally do that! I own that! Blah blah blah" (followed by a long strew of German gibberish) So, now I am really inspired and want to dig into my closet to find something rad to wear, which would all be fine and dandy if I weren't sick and about to cough up my innards.

This is the perfect time of year for thrifting, I encourage you all to go find you some nice Grandma sweaters. Meanwhile, I will be here, putting my hair into a comb-over, wishing to not be sick on Christmas.

All my love ----Lexi

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My mother sympathizes with squirrels. The end is near.

So, how's your Christmas break going? How's the wife? How's the priest? Gay marriage legal in the state of South Dakota? I'm for it! uh-huh, uh-huh......
I found my calling in life. (Or maybe just a new hobby while I am sick) {In fact, I may never pursue this calling, I just needed a topic for a post} {[ Because you all know how I LOVE topic-less posts]}

Okay. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'mmmmmm done. (now)

Anyways, I found my calling in life. I have always wanted to do this, but only recently started channeling my creativity into it. I want to be a fashion designer! It sounds lame and very 'Barbie-esque' but I want to. The fact that I can create something that someone will wear and enjoy makes me so inspired. I believe that true fashion is art, and I want other people to recognize my views and opinions of fashions. The way I see it, every person deserves to look and feel utterly fabulous at least once in their life, while also being themselves. In any way that I can help spread individuality, I would love to. Someday when I am less lazy I will post some of my favorites. But, for the time being, I will list the things I am obsessed with this season.

  1. Baby floral (print)
  2. Nordic (print)
  3. geometric (prints)
  4. pastel and soft colors
  5. Doc Martens (no-brainer)
  6. Anything Mustard yellow
  7. Rodarte for Target collection
  8. Giant hair accessories
  9. Vintage pieces mixed with menswear
  10. Anything Quirky and Jared Gold! (Ha!)
  11. I can't think of anything else.

Also, My 'Sister's' Fiance Marc came back today from the Air Force base in Florida! I haven't seen him since August, I missed him so much!! I love you Marc!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lovely. Just lovely.

Now that it is Christmas break, I don't know what to do. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. It is irritating. Because I am a hermit and I have no social life. Please talk to me!! The internet is my last chance for social survival!!

*morse codes*


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Forgive me.

You must excuse my last post. It had about a billion spelling and grammatical errors. I am so embarrassed! Well, anyways, I hope you all had a pleasant evening. I am currently watching the three amigos.
I always watch three amigos when I'm sick. It's kind of a lame tradition I have. With myself.

My favorite amigo personally is Ned. he is hilarious and the classic funny side character. {A perfect counter act to Chevy Chase and Steve Martin} And who doesn't want a belt buckle with their name on it?

"Yup. He's dead all right." "How was I supposed to know?! He's invisible!" Classic.

Another sort of Desert-ey movie I love is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Gotta love movie criminals that were actually real criminals.

Robert Redford. Need. I . Say. More?! (He's the one on the left, to all of you non-movie buffs) Perhaps I will watch that next. Sounds good? Yes. Yes it does.

Go watch those movies. Right. Now.

Werd (*COUGH* *HACK* *HACK* HAAAAACK*) dweeb(*Phlegm)z.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I am sick. I have nothing to do. So I am stuck here watching the Frosty the Snowman marathon in my living room. Oh dear. There is an old man trying to rap. Rather humorous, I must say. This show has the plotline of a bean. In case you didn't understand my canned metaphor, (O. Henry reference!! har-har!) this. show. has. no. plot. line. And YES I am too lazy to change the channel!! I appreciate your concern. Meanwhile, I advise you to waste your time by reading this blog about Mustaches. (Moustaches?)


Hey. Don't bother me. It's Friday. I'm swatting the air like I've got the downs. Did you guys have a good day? I did! It's Christmas break. I got a sweet-o neat-o handmade notebook from Teresius and all that jibble.OOOH! Lookity at this!

I want this shirt.

Oh my I am SO A.D.D right now.

I am kind of drugged up on nyquil so I am not sure what is going on. But I do know that I should go wrap Christmas presents.......... NAH!!Speaking of Christmas, it is almost time for the annual Christmas family party on my madre's side. Man, oh man. I love my family. We are weird and cool and artistic and I love us. I love that we have inside jokes and that we braid my cousin Ethan's hair and beard. he looks like Willie Nelson and Princess Lea had a love child. Also, I will get to hang with Kenzie May and Kimchi. Kell-bell, Ky-by, Kase-Kase, NickaMatt, Brando, Jame-o, Stevie beans, Coltie, And Dill.

Hooray! I have succesfully listed all of my cousins by using only their nicknames! Well, now that you have wasted all this time reading this utterly-confusing post, you might as well watch something 'cool'. Or close to 'cool'.

Um, this may very well be one of my favorite Beck songs EVER. Do enjoy, good nacht.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


My hand is killing me. Literally. Okay. Not literally. That was a lie. So, for the past few days (er...week..) I have been working on drawing Regina Spektor for a Christmas present for my sister, Corn. She knows about it, but what it looks like is going to be a surprise. Luckily, to my conveinence, no one in my family knows I have this blog! Great huh? So, dearest readers, you all get the second look (mine was the first.) Oh wait. that was a lie. my mum saw it. Third look.

Anyways, feel important becuase you get to see it before my sister.

Yay for Regina!!!If you have par chance forgotten what Regina Spektor looks like, Here is a photograph my sister took of her at her concert last month.

DON'T YOU JUST LOVE HER GUITAR?!?!? Oh, and you can't really see her dress, but it has a these cool faces on it.And, if you are blind and can not see this picture, here is a lovely music video of hers.
Thank you SOOO much to Maryn for helping me figure out how to do this!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Just go live in Vegas with those gay men who have the big cats. I forgot their names.

As you can tell, Vivienne and Company got a makeover!! Woot! WOOOOOT! Yes? I'll stop. Anyways, the picture at the top I drew on paint (poor white trash photoshop) of myself. The left of me now, the right as a man. Yes. I am not gender-confused. A man. Isn't my moustache burly?

As you may know, I got my haircut. (Rather short, eh?) Today we went back to school after a rather pleasant thanksgiving break, and my haircut was a big hit!


  • School friend saying my hair looked really cute in first 30 seconds of being in building

  • .......being called a lesbian by sevvie ten seconds later.

Ahhhhhhhh adolesensce. Isn't it beautiful? So. That was my Monday. Wonderful, wonderful Monday. How was yours? Thanksgiving leftovers? I see! Auntie's sweet potatoes are catching up with you!! Ho ho ho! clevah clevah!


Here is a photo I took. Enjoy!! It is almost December! And Marzji's birthday!

Aribiderchi! tutaloo! All that salutation rot!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


~~Sunday Epiphany/Inspiro~~

Ummmm.... That title made no sense. I apologize. But what an AMAZING Sunday!!
First I went to see my old neighbor Trevor's homecoming from the Ghana Accra Mission. He is waaaay tan and has an awesome accent. I really missed him, and his testimony was seriously amazing. He talked about service, and about how the people there are so kind and willing to give someone in need whatever they can, even when they have nothing. I mean, wow. It really hit me hard how much I have and how simple things are over there. I can't even imagine going through the things those people have gone through and still coming out positive and willing. It is my goal that when I graduate I will go to some poverty-laden country and volunteer. I think I need that sometimes when I get so caught up in the worldly things and not in the spiritual simple things in life. (ie: "Oh. My. Goodness. I NEED THOSE FLORAL DOCS." heh heh heh...)

I hung out with my old neighbor Brighton, and her car almost broke down. It was FUN! We really got to catch up and do some movie-night planning!! (Hooplaah!)

It was really weird seeing all these people I haven't seen in six+ years. it was so ridiculous how much we reminisce after we haven't seen each other for so long!! I was flooded with all the good memories that I had from Clearfield, when I have only been focusing on the bad ones for the past...ever.

So, I am enlightened and stoked to get started on Marzji's Birthday present, as well as crank out three new designs!! MUCH more to come! Happy thansgiving.

xoxoxo- Lexi


Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am really bad at this.

Soo.... I 'm really bad at posting on this thing, I am sorry. But, on the bright side, my{past two} week{s} have been RIDANKULOUSLY AWESOME.

To start things off,

  • Last Thursday I went and saw Love You Long Time's last show ever. I was in the front, I think I broke some ribs, but they sweat on me and I gave them all high fives and touched them and stuff, which sounds gross but was really just epic! My dreams have come true! I can die happily!!

  • This wednesday I volunteered at the food pantry and it was so much fun.

  • I found the haircut I want which is good. And may make me look slightly like a lesbian.

  • I drew a picture of Matt Costa! And it turned out well.

  • I drew a picture of my amazing friend Joe and it turned out well as well. (well?)

  • I made a pie for my student teacher that was awesome and left our school

  • I woke up today and raked leaves

  • I am currently watching back to back to back episodes of the 1940's television show 'Sea Hunt' . Black and white. Cheesy. about snorkeling. and drug trafficking. and Heroin.

  • I went to the Honor's choir concert and got to see Marzji and bunch of other friends perform! (They did great!!)

  • It is almost Thanksgiving!! Aunts and Uncles! Stuffing! Gaining 80 pounds! Hooray!!

  • I got to hang out with Corn and Sam and talk about boring college stuff!

  • I officially started writing my christmas list! MoF! Yeaaahh!

  • My lovely dreadlocked buddy Breanna and Haslam and I created a new word for cool! BANFF!! (like the national park in Canada! Eh? Eh!)
  • Me and Teresius created a super cool gangalicious magic school bus gang! WERD!

Now I am exhausted. And can't figure out how to get youtube videos on my blog.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Be a part of the Vestige revolution!!

Hey guys (gals, dwarfs, ninjas et cetera):
As many of you may know, I have recently started designing for the clothing company Vestige. They are local to the state of U-tar, and are pretty much awesome. But, as with any local noun, this company needs some help spreading the word around. Now, I'm not a scientist or anything but what I do know how to do is talk. And spread stuff. Like swine flu. So, here is my plan. All of you should follow their blog ( and we will start an epidemic of radness! Or whatever. You can just sit there I guess. And be lame. And not part of a revolution. It's all up to you.....

Werd dweebz

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yes, my fake glasses DO help me see better! I appreciate your concern.

Oh, dear seventh graders. Their stupidity over runs their tiny, shrunken noggins. But it isn't their fault, really. One can't help sniffing permanent markers at such a young age. The sterile atmosphere of the sevvies banging their heads against the dingy, blue, lockers made me think of this:

Happy Birthday to all the little fetuses in the world who are scrounging for some Jimmy Choos in drugstores. You won't find them there you imbeciles.

Hahaha! I humor myself just re-reading it over and over again! What a little narcissitic genius I am! So cynical! Hahaha! I'm kidding. It was mean. I'm sorry. But kind of not.

Anyways, today I decided to ressurect my vintage Woody Allen glasses. Oh how I love them so!! (hence the post title...ahemahem ahem..) I also wore my new Sanuk 'sandals'. They aren't actually sandals. And they look a tad bit like Tom's. And they were only 8 BUCKS! AND THEY ARE NO LIE THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES YOU WILL EVER EVER EVER WEAR!!!!Really, I wish I could every person in the entire world a pair of these shoes. That way everyone would be happy!! And everyone would have a pair of Happy shoes to make them happy when they are sad. And then everyone will have shoes in the first place, and they will be comfortable shoes too. And now I am getting a tad bit off subject.

sorry about that. They are so super neato . I weiil have to post sum peekcheurs,someday. I also have a bunch of new stuff from my favorite designer Jared Gold that I will have to post photos of. Because I am vain and self-absorbed like that.

At least I admit it. Don't you judge me and my love for that beautiful gay man!!

That's all for now.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Lexi-lupa: The cupcake Connoisseur

With the lovely fall weather, I have had a chance to get out more. Which has been SO NICE especially because there was no school today! Yes! My fam and I have had a recent obsession with gourmet cupcake places. We've pretty much been to every one in the SLC area. These places not only have great cupcakes, but each a unique atmosphere that none can duplicate. Sooooo, I've done my part and narrowed down the best of the best and the worst of the worst. And all for the three followers I have! (yes, counting the one that is on a mission.No worries.)

The Besties!

My all time favorite goes to...... {drumroll please}

Mini's cupcakes
they have two locations..
Sugarhouse - 1751 South 1100 East - 801-746-2208

Downtown - 14 East 800 South - 801-363-0608

  • The Dish {rocks} : Mini's has a sweet vintage-y atmosphere and the cupcakes are to DIE for! The cake is made from gourmet ingredients (MadagascanVanilla bean, Belgian Ghanoush dark chocolate, etc.) and is baked from scratch every day. {that makes a BIG difference} The frosting is sweet, but not too sweet, if you know what I mean. It is a perfect compliment to the richness of the cake, and each cupcake is mini! The size is so perfect, it isn't too big or too small, so the time you finish the cupcake, it is enough to tie you over without wanting more or going overboard. The best cupcake in the SLC!
  • The Dish {rots} : Each cupcake is 2 dollars, which is a bit pricey, but worth every penny!
  • My Pick: the snowball cupcake: Madagascar Vanilla Bean Cupcake with Swiss Meringue covered in fresh sweet coconut

Uh, YUM!!!!

The second best?

So Cupcake

location : 3939 S. Highland Dr.Salt Lake City, UT 84124


  • The Dish {rocks}: The owners opened the store for their daughter, Celina, who has cerebral palsy. (how sweet!) The store is very pink and girly, and super inviting. Not only is the service friendly and the cupcakes made from scratch, they have a wall FILLED with Polaroids of their customers with the cupcakes they ordered, and the customers wrote 'So {word or phrase pf choice}' on each and every one . For example, one of my favorites is a picture of a very fashionable gay couple that has a caption of 'So Gay!'. The Cake part of the cupcake is amazing, ans the variety there is unbeatable. AND, each cupcake is served on a cute little plate with a doily! A DOILY! That means it's fancy! Yes! all of my cupcake dreams are coming true!!
  • The Dish {rots}: the frosting can get too sweet after a while,in some cases overpowering the unique taste of the cake.
  • My Pick: The So Blueberry Lemon cupcake and the Carrot Cake Cupcake

Third place goes to..

Diva's Cupcakes and Coffee

Location: 1560 East 3300 South Salt Lake City, UT, 84106

Website: Under construction,

  • The Dish {rocks} :Diva's is the ultimate definition of an 'indie' coffeehouse. Not only do they have cupcakes, but they have food, a terrarium, a library, and the nicest bathrooms in our neck of the woods.Their atmosphere is totally an A+. They have meet the Artist nights and independent movie nights regularly. The wide array of customers make great subjects for budding artists (heh heh heh!) and there is FREE WI-FI! AWWW YEAH! If you don't go there for a cupcake, got there for the awesome terrarium and the experience. It is a Gem, and one any artsy localist must check out, for their street cred to remain in tact. Now to the cupcakes..... The frosting absolutely makes the {cup} cake. It is rich and creamy, so smooth. Not gritty like other places. It melts in your mouth. Ridiculous. And they come in large or mini sized! SCORE!
  • The Dish {rots}: the cake part of the cupcake is kind of a let down to the amazing frosting. It tastes a little box-cake-mix -ey, which really affects the whole cupcake. It isn't very moist or soft, occasionally hard, depending on when you get it. It doesn't do the frosting justice. Also, the service hasn't been the best when I've gone there {which has been many a time} . I mean, sometimes, they are really nice [the guy with the dreads is really chill] but other times they aren't very welcoming and look at my clothes like "what is she wearing" [blond, pony-tail wearing girl, actual experience]. humph. No bueno. I'm individualistic! Gimme a break!
  • My Pick:The Vanilla bean cupcake and the Lemon cupcake.

Honorable mention


Location: 354 N. Main Street Suite #1Layton, UT 84041


  • The Dish {rocks} : They have a lot of local vendors wares, like a personal favorite, Vintage Fern.
  • The Dish {rots} : The cupcake are no bueno. The frosting is way too sweet and the cake is made from CAKE MIX. CAKE.MIX. Literally, I've had better store-bought cupcakes. But.........the atmosphere wins you over with the vintage-y style and old-school candy shoppe candies. It is decorated beautifully, and you know I am a fan of supporting local! Woot! Props to them for that, but the cupcakes are pretty terrible. But, they have only been open for about two months, so there is still room for improvement. Which they need. No offense.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! The scoop on the crappiest and most delicious cupcakes from this side of the West! Enjoy!


PS : Aren't you proud of me for posting?!?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Listen up folks, this is a rarity to behold.

Yes, yes. A rarity INDEED. I am about to show to you the ONE AND ONLY good photograph I have ever taken. Soak this up, dear readers, for you may never see anything like it ever AGAIN.

Bwahahahahaha!!! It is of my sister, Corn. Yes. A wonder to behold.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I had an interesting conversation with my cousin

This conversation is amazing.

ME:sooo...I pretty much look posessed in my school picture....
Cousin:I wanna see this posessed school picture missy!
MEYou don't get to. Unless you come to my house, and we will hide in the closet and look at it. It's terror shall not be seen by the outside world.
Cousin: Oh goodness..sounds like something birthed from stephen king
ME: That's because it is. A tiny Stephen-King horror fetus place under the protection of a 3 inch by 1 and a half inch plastic card.

I have had no reply yet.......

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lightning hits the house of wax.

Ahhhhh I haven't posted in a while so sorry. My mind has been so sterile and un-creative. I can't think of anything cool to write about and it doesn't help that I've been CONSTANTLY reading Tavi Gervison's blog (By the wayz she iz so kewlz!) and am totally uninspired because of my stalker-jealousy of her awesome wardrobe! Sheesh. If I had money or lived by a sweet & kickin' thrift store that sells actually cool clothes like vintage Doc Martin's instead of paisley 1990's dresses that remind me of some old lady in my ward who needs new sunday dresses. blegch. And also nasty shoulder-padded blazers that looked like they walked right out of an 1980's chick flick. We need a cool thrift store in the Western United States! That would be rindonkulous!

Until I think of anything better to write, I shall bid you farewell.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Art is beautiful, Etsy is beautiful.

It's been a few months since I've browsed Etsy, so recent inspiration (wink, wink miss Maryn) led me back to the best website EVER! Here are some of my favorites!

I love this print. It's so whimsical!

These hairpins are AWESOME.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ranting is so fun, but it's not for everyone..But it is for mee , oh hum diddly hee hee

As you can tell by the insanely long title, I am very chipper today!So, today let us pull out the topic of the rant.

The days of this week have just dragged on, into some sort of hideous oblivion that some even seem to enjoy. Repulsive, I say. Re.Pul.Sive. But alas, not all is lost! The farmers market brings a fresh wave of familiar faces as well as vendors. Scott has finally returned from his month long business class, along with a fresh batch of leather cuffs and sales. Aaaaah yes. Life could not be sweeter!

This week was full of new opportunities, as well as television and movie premeires. I have yet to see Tim Burton's 9, but I did watch the premeire of glee. The Horrible, horrible, AWFUL, TERRIBLE premeire of glee. It was so dissapointing!! Not only did it lack the charm of the pilot, but it also made me lose respect and desire to watch the next episode. (It is awfully difficult to enjoy a TV show when you have to cover your eyes the whole time!) In other words, it was repulsive. Utterly repulsive. Another hope of a some-what 'clean' television show was crushed before my very retina's. And by singing teenagers and a very attractive Mr. Shoester nonetheless.

Thank you for reading. That is all.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A very delicious video.

The vocals are kind of...odd.... but I still love this will all of my heart! Gah! I don't like Taylor Swift, but I like this. The guy on the bottom right hand corner is pretty funny too.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The first week of pergatory.

Well, normally I LOVE school, but starting ninth grade, I have hated it. I am taking all these super-duper hard classes, most of my friends have just ditched me for better people ,(except for Britanny Wood, whom was my first best friend when I moved to Bountiful) and to make matters worse, I have symptoms of pneumonia, and these weird lumps in my neck , which are getting bigger, and cancer runs in my family. And to top it all off, my mom made me stay home today so I have schoolwork that I am missing. BLECGHG.

But not all is bad, I saw a girl who was sitting at lunch all alone and whatnot, and I sat next to her, which made me feel good. .


I really want to watch my favorite movie right now... It is called The Triplets of Belleville, (or Les tripplettes de Belleville, in French) Its this awesome French cartoon, that is amazing, and well....rated pg-13. But hey, it is about the French Mafia, for pete's sake! Mafia's are brutal! Whe n you watch it, you must remain open minded, because it is bizzare, but the art is beautiful, by Sylvian Chomet. Gah! I love him! He has a similair style to my favorite local artist Trent Call. his website is and he is amazing.
Now I am going to completely change the subject.

The Killers concert is in 27 days! AND I might see The Artctic Monkey's with my sister! Kings of Leon are opening for them.

Modest Mouse , Vampire Weekend, Weezer and Ingrid Michaelson's new albums are coming out soon! ( at least I have something to look forward to..)

But then, we go back to the subject of school. Ew. Iam super depressed because of it. School is horrible. But hey! At least I have Maryn Bean's mix to listen to while doing homework! Yay!

-Lexi-Lupa! Thank you for letting me rant.

Maryn told me to post writing. So I post writing.

Followers- here is a recent essay I wrote for Honors English. Sorry there are no indentations, but well, you can't indent on here.

The Inconvenient Truth (About Modern Technology)

  I discovered something extraordinary about modern technology. Not only do I believe it correlates with recent spikes in obesity in the United States, but it also helps corrupt minds and impair our communication skills. Why, you may ask, did I have a sudden change of heart towards these villainous energy guzzlers and time wasters? It all started with a conversation between a dear friend and confidante of mine.This friend is one who enjoys writing and reading. Not only that but she also enjoys watching television, giving advice to people via text message, listening to her iPod, and perhaps writing a similar honors English summer essay..... all while updating her facebook profile. She is very fun and extremely gifted in the field of literary arts. She is a great listener, but when she gets a text message, she turns into a sponge, absorbing not her surroundings but that of a 2-inch by 1.5 inch screen. It’s almost like she has been teleported to a different dimension, one not fueled by the lively laughter of her friends or the swaying of a tree in the wind, but rather a tech-savvy world filled with "lol’s" and "brb’s" and "g2g’s". She has entered the Twilight Zone.

Every day more and more people are being ensnared by the ‘Twilight Zone’ of technology, and it doesn’t help that every time you turn on the television, the media tries to entice you with some new-fangled search engine or a new website to watch videos. But little do we know that with every ‘tweet’ and every post, we are ever so slowly becoming more and more addicted and more and more dependant on our technological devices. And then we do what every addict does, we crave it. We have technological withdrawals. And we find more ways to access it, so we can be signed in, tuned in, and plugged in as often as we can, because (being humans) we are so curious that we have to know what is going on with everyone around us at all times to feed our addiction and consume our lives entirely.

The output of such a system overload has caused our brains to have too much tedious and unnecessary information in replacement of logical and expedient information that could save our communication skills and sometimes even our lives. For example, instead of reading about an incoming earthquake to the Bountiful area, we are bombarded by redundant forwarded messages of "if you don’t send this to twelve people, you will die at midnight!" and surrounded by video messages of a dancing and singing President Obama.

I recently saw the truth of what was happening to out generation while watching television. A sophisticated looking Alec Baldwin walked across the screen wearing a business suit and sporting a suave smile. The commercial was advertising for Hulu, a knock-off version of Youtube. It proceeded with Alec Baldwin stating that people needed to watch Hulu in order for our brains to turn into mush. After that, the "aliens" (Baldwin) would eat our brains. I will admit that the commercial was humorous, but while sitting on my couch amidst chuckling to myself, I realized that that was exactly what was happening to our society. (Well, minus the aliens of course) And this company actually admitted that they were out to get our money and technological attention, causing another distraction to our world, causing more unnecessary information which causes less work and more laziness resulting in obesity. All it is is just one giant distraction that reels us in like fish and hooks us before we have the chance to swim away.

But if you are looking for a way to get un-hooked there is a solution, and you aren’t alone. There is a technological Nikorette, and it is there, just look outside the nearest window, and you’ll find yourself there. You have the power to break free from the addiction and find something better to do with your life, because help is not always just a click away.

Monday, August 10, 2009


This is what I have been working on lately. I call it Brain soup. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm not sure what to add. Any suggestions? Please?


Becoming Jane- a great film!

Ahh, yes. Becoming Jane. Such a wonderful film. With such a talented and attractive leading male role. That's right. His name is James McAvoy. The above picture is one I drew of him.

The picture above that picture is a photograph of James in the film Becoming Jane. The picture above that is a photograph of James as a fawn. Yes, a fawn. From The Chronicles of Narnia.
Anyways, the film Becoming Jane. Gah! Everytime I watch it I think I might cry. So sad, so sad. It is a true story about the life of Jane Austen, the popular novelist from the 19th century.Not only did she fall in love with the Lawyer's son Thomas Lefroy (James), she pledged to run away and elope. I won't ruin the ending for ya, but let's just say that she remains single throughout her entire life. I recommend it entirely, but I must advise you to bring kleenex if you are planning on watching it any time soon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My life is boring and monotonous. Why not blog about it?

Hello one and all. Welcome to this blog for my centennial first post. The name is Lexi-lupa. I design and hand-ink my own bags. well, I can't really think of anything to say, so I wll end it here.

Listen to Metronomy, they are awesome.