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Friday, September 18, 2009

Art is beautiful, Etsy is beautiful.

It's been a few months since I've browsed Etsy, so recent inspiration (wink, wink miss Maryn) led me back to the best website EVER! Here are some of my favorites!

I love this print. It's so whimsical!

These hairpins are AWESOME.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ranting is so fun, but it's not for everyone..But it is for mee , oh hum diddly hee hee

As you can tell by the insanely long title, I am very chipper today!So, today let us pull out the topic of the rant.

The days of this week have just dragged on, into some sort of hideous oblivion that some even seem to enjoy. Repulsive, I say. Re.Pul.Sive. But alas, not all is lost! The farmers market brings a fresh wave of familiar faces as well as vendors. Scott has finally returned from his month long business class, along with a fresh batch of leather cuffs and sales. Aaaaah yes. Life could not be sweeter!

This week was full of new opportunities, as well as television and movie premeires. I have yet to see Tim Burton's 9, but I did watch the premeire of glee. The Horrible, horrible, AWFUL, TERRIBLE premeire of glee. It was so dissapointing!! Not only did it lack the charm of the pilot, but it also made me lose respect and desire to watch the next episode. (It is awfully difficult to enjoy a TV show when you have to cover your eyes the whole time!) In other words, it was repulsive. Utterly repulsive. Another hope of a some-what 'clean' television show was crushed before my very retina's. And by singing teenagers and a very attractive Mr. Shoester nonetheless.

Thank you for reading. That is all.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A very delicious video.

The vocals are kind of...odd.... but I still love this will all of my heart! Gah! I don't like Taylor Swift, but I like this. The guy on the bottom right hand corner is pretty funny too.