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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not a pasta sauce.

{photos courtesy of}

Meet my good friend Alfredo.

His work is in every way a representation of the human soul. His paintings show so much emotion: curiosity, pain, and in all else, hope. There is sadness in the eyes of the men that he creates, a sense of self-doubt hiding behind ego. His characters are, in a way, vulnerable and headstrong, once rambunctious, and now lost.

Alfredo Castaneda's work is by far one of my favorites out of the modern painters of our time. He manages to evoke so much feeling from his paintings and tell a story as to the characters background as well. I love how he incorporates impeccable details like the eyes and the hair. It creates an atmosphere that you may not even realize that what you are looking at is grotesque in a horribly beautiful way.

Although all of his paintings share similar traits, each is so unique and lovely in its own way, which makes it almost ironic to feed upon.

Favorite painting: "The dialogue of two poets disguised as birds" -unable to find on the internet. sorry.
What I wanted to listen to when I first saw it: Cornerstone by the Arctic Monkeys.

I really do love this song.


hermit crab.

Hey folks. Sorry I'm such a LAZY HOBO who lives underneath a tarp in a vacant lot where a brothel used to be. Also, sorry for CAPITALIZING UNNECESSARY WORDS. I really don't mean to, it just happens at random TIMES. I guess it is time to bring up the bulleted lists and try and summarize my slothfully boring life.

Let's see.....
  • Last Friday I went to a gallery stroll with Corrinne and Marzji. Those two gals are pretty much the funnest, most insightful and cultured people that walk this earth. I loved talking about music and art and other cultured things that cultured people do. And window shopping at that local artisan store. It's a good thing it was closed, or else we would have spent our money. All of it. Seriously, I had fun. Fun! What a novelty these days, you know? Fun and coming back to my house for Regina Spektor listening AND nutella toast? Even better.
  • This dude {and I use that term in a laid-back So-Cal tone of voice} from a local skate shop contacted me via interwebz. He wants be to come into the store and establish an art portfolio to print my stuff. {And actually follow through with it..hint, hint, hint ...Caleb..} He has some ties with slugmag and wants to get an editorial published about me in it. I know that I shouldn't get my hopes up, because that is unrealistic and ridiculous, but can you even imagine? I'd be famous! Locally! Sort of!
  • My stepsister got married today. Moving to Alaska next week. I wore a giant bow in my hair for the occasion. He wore his Air Force blues and her dress was absolutely gorgeous.
  • Joseph opens next week. Part nervous. Part intimidated. Part giddy?
  • Spring is almost here....after this snow storm.
  • I plan on selling skirts and bags at this year's far-mar. Woo-hoo.
  • I realized that half of the people who I normally hang out with are posers. Why can't people just be themselves?
  • I went to dinner Thursday night with my mum's old friend from New York. He's crazy. I'll post a picture I drew of him someday.
  • My sister is taking me to see Passion Pit and Mermaid Baby for my birthday, I'm super stoked.
  • High School is near approaching. Bringing back my artsy side. Phase 1.
  • I reconnected with a friend that I haven't seen in six years. It has been the most fascinating thing. Plus I get all sentimental when I reminisce.

I had much more to post about, but being the LAZY HOBO I am, I can't remember anything else. The sixties are catching up to me...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have the best readers in the world. I love you. That is all.

Failed Dean #1

face too angled
forehead not angled enough
forehead too small
too much neck shading
not enough hair detail
cheekbones do not match up
arch in lips too small
upper lip too heavily shaded
left eye larger than right

I seriously doubt my artistic abilities when things like this happen. UGH.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Say Please Barnuby!

DEAR BLOG READERS, HOWEVER FEW YOU MAY BE. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF I AM STILL ALIVE. I feel rather awful for not posting and keeping you posted and other post-related words that have to do with the fact that I HAVEN'T POSTED. I have been busy busy and also rather lazy and uninspired to post about anything. But now that I have finished reading the first 1/3 of Trevor's screenplay, Mindhackers, (which bee tee dubs has been horribly fun to critique) and have practically failed a geometry test I am posting! Rejoice, swell readers! Rejoice!

Now I would like to let you all know that I have finished the program covers for Joseph. And just because I like you and fancy the fact that you actually read this, I will let you see them. But don't get any ideas on leaking them to the interwebs or else the Feds will be on my tracks for months! You understand? Good.

The idea I was going for was a titch conceptual. I wanted to have the coat be partially made up of all the words of all the words of the colors in a certain song in the show. For not having photo editing software or Adobe Illustrator (P.S: If you want to be the best person in the world, you can buy me that software for my birthday....), I think it turned out fairly well. I like doing things like this. I like graphic design. By golly! I just like art!

Speaking of art and all things lovely, I am going to an art gallery stroll with my Young Women's leader, Corrinne Simmonds, next Friday. I am sooooo excited. I love art galleries. I love standing there, soaking in the atmosphere of the person's work, and figuring out the emotions they were feeling when they created it. Art is so beautiful, so simple, yet so complex. Good art makes you feel or yearn or even hate. It stirs something up in you. Something that helps you determine if you like it or don't like it, something that moves you and changes your opinions or your thoughts. Good art inspires you and makes you want to experiment, to improve. Good art fascinates you, makes you want to notice every single detail, and remember it. Remember the way it made you feel when you first looked at it, beheld it, saw it, imagined it. There is no feeling I have ever had like the feeling I got the first time I saw a painting by Brian Kershisnik, or a watercolor by Marcel Dzama. As old and weathered I may become, I will always be able to dig those memories out of the recesses of my mind.

Wow. Now that I have bored you to death, I would like to bring up the matter of Marcel Dzama. I fell in love with his work when I was nine. End of story.

And to all female readers: He's cute! And Canadian! AND he does the cover art for Guero!!!!

{Now I will introduce the song of the day:}

SPEAKING OF GUERO, guess what Beck song has been stuck in my head for the.entire.week?

Why yes! Post-nineties-secret-grunge-enthusiast! How correct you are! It IS the title track from Beck's 2005 Gold album {And best-selling Beck album since his debut, Odelay} How smart you are! Yes, post-nineties-secret-grunge-enthusiast, I'm glad you decided to throw away your Nirvana T-shirts and over-sized madras and wash your hair too. Even Cobain would have thought it best.

Anyways, here's the song, and even better, here's the cover art.

Marcel's signature monotone color scheme MAKES ME MELT.

Adieu for now,