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Monday, November 30, 2009

Just go live in Vegas with those gay men who have the big cats. I forgot their names.

As you can tell, Vivienne and Company got a makeover!! Woot! WOOOOOT! Yes? I'll stop. Anyways, the picture at the top I drew on paint (poor white trash photoshop) of myself. The left of me now, the right as a man. Yes. I am not gender-confused. A man. Isn't my moustache burly?

As you may know, I got my haircut. (Rather short, eh?) Today we went back to school after a rather pleasant thanksgiving break, and my haircut was a big hit!


  • School friend saying my hair looked really cute in first 30 seconds of being in building

  • .......being called a lesbian by sevvie ten seconds later.

Ahhhhhhhh adolesensce. Isn't it beautiful? So. That was my Monday. Wonderful, wonderful Monday. How was yours? Thanksgiving leftovers? I see! Auntie's sweet potatoes are catching up with you!! Ho ho ho! clevah clevah!


Here is a photo I took. Enjoy!! It is almost December! And Marzji's birthday!

Aribiderchi! tutaloo! All that salutation rot!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


~~Sunday Epiphany/Inspiro~~

Ummmm.... That title made no sense. I apologize. But what an AMAZING Sunday!!
First I went to see my old neighbor Trevor's homecoming from the Ghana Accra Mission. He is waaaay tan and has an awesome accent. I really missed him, and his testimony was seriously amazing. He talked about service, and about how the people there are so kind and willing to give someone in need whatever they can, even when they have nothing. I mean, wow. It really hit me hard how much I have and how simple things are over there. I can't even imagine going through the things those people have gone through and still coming out positive and willing. It is my goal that when I graduate I will go to some poverty-laden country and volunteer. I think I need that sometimes when I get so caught up in the worldly things and not in the spiritual simple things in life. (ie: "Oh. My. Goodness. I NEED THOSE FLORAL DOCS." heh heh heh...)

I hung out with my old neighbor Brighton, and her car almost broke down. It was FUN! We really got to catch up and do some movie-night planning!! (Hooplaah!)

It was really weird seeing all these people I haven't seen in six+ years. it was so ridiculous how much we reminisce after we haven't seen each other for so long!! I was flooded with all the good memories that I had from Clearfield, when I have only been focusing on the bad ones for the past...ever.

So, I am enlightened and stoked to get started on Marzji's Birthday present, as well as crank out three new designs!! MUCH more to come! Happy thansgiving.

xoxoxo- Lexi


Saturday, November 21, 2009

I am really bad at this.

Soo.... I 'm really bad at posting on this thing, I am sorry. But, on the bright side, my{past two} week{s} have been RIDANKULOUSLY AWESOME.

To start things off,

  • Last Thursday I went and saw Love You Long Time's last show ever. I was in the front, I think I broke some ribs, but they sweat on me and I gave them all high fives and touched them and stuff, which sounds gross but was really just epic! My dreams have come true! I can die happily!!

  • This wednesday I volunteered at the food pantry and it was so much fun.

  • I found the haircut I want which is good. And may make me look slightly like a lesbian.

  • I drew a picture of Matt Costa! And it turned out well.

  • I drew a picture of my amazing friend Joe and it turned out well as well. (well?)

  • I made a pie for my student teacher that was awesome and left our school

  • I woke up today and raked leaves

  • I am currently watching back to back to back episodes of the 1940's television show 'Sea Hunt' . Black and white. Cheesy. about snorkeling. and drug trafficking. and Heroin.

  • I went to the Honor's choir concert and got to see Marzji and bunch of other friends perform! (They did great!!)

  • It is almost Thanksgiving!! Aunts and Uncles! Stuffing! Gaining 80 pounds! Hooray!!

  • I got to hang out with Corn and Sam and talk about boring college stuff!

  • I officially started writing my christmas list! MoF! Yeaaahh!

  • My lovely dreadlocked buddy Breanna and Haslam and I created a new word for cool! BANFF!! (like the national park in Canada! Eh? Eh!)
  • Me and Teresius created a super cool gangalicious magic school bus gang! WERD!

Now I am exhausted. And can't figure out how to get youtube videos on my blog.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Be a part of the Vestige revolution!!

Hey guys (gals, dwarfs, ninjas et cetera):
As many of you may know, I have recently started designing for the clothing company Vestige. They are local to the state of U-tar, and are pretty much awesome. But, as with any local noun, this company needs some help spreading the word around. Now, I'm not a scientist or anything but what I do know how to do is talk. And spread stuff. Like swine flu. So, here is my plan. All of you should follow their blog ( and we will start an epidemic of radness! Or whatever. You can just sit there I guess. And be lame. And not part of a revolution. It's all up to you.....

Werd dweebz

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yes, my fake glasses DO help me see better! I appreciate your concern.

Oh, dear seventh graders. Their stupidity over runs their tiny, shrunken noggins. But it isn't their fault, really. One can't help sniffing permanent markers at such a young age. The sterile atmosphere of the sevvies banging their heads against the dingy, blue, lockers made me think of this:

Happy Birthday to all the little fetuses in the world who are scrounging for some Jimmy Choos in drugstores. You won't find them there you imbeciles.

Hahaha! I humor myself just re-reading it over and over again! What a little narcissitic genius I am! So cynical! Hahaha! I'm kidding. It was mean. I'm sorry. But kind of not.

Anyways, today I decided to ressurect my vintage Woody Allen glasses. Oh how I love them so!! (hence the post title...ahemahem ahem..) I also wore my new Sanuk 'sandals'. They aren't actually sandals. And they look a tad bit like Tom's. And they were only 8 BUCKS! AND THEY ARE NO LIE THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES YOU WILL EVER EVER EVER WEAR!!!!Really, I wish I could every person in the entire world a pair of these shoes. That way everyone would be happy!! And everyone would have a pair of Happy shoes to make them happy when they are sad. And then everyone will have shoes in the first place, and they will be comfortable shoes too. And now I am getting a tad bit off subject.

sorry about that. They are so super neato . I weiil have to post sum peekcheurs,someday. I also have a bunch of new stuff from my favorite designer Jared Gold that I will have to post photos of. Because I am vain and self-absorbed like that.

At least I admit it. Don't you judge me and my love for that beautiful gay man!!

That's all for now.