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Monday, March 28, 2011

13. I drew Adrien Brody's nose 23 times.

....And I enjoyed every minute of it.

....And I definitely did not draw this during sacrament meeting.



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm being completely honest.

My name is Alexis Vivienne, and I am in my first art gallery.

It's pretty surreal to click on a link on a website and see YOUR PAINTING up at the top...... I won't give away any surprises, but it is going to be epic. If you are in the Salt Lake area, please PLEASE go and support the gallery! It's like a 45 minutes drive from SLC, but I previewed it today and it is definitely worth it.

I am trying so hard to be professional right now.... Trying.... So.... Hard....

Thank you. Thank you guys so much.

-Lex, who is eternally grateful to her 22 followers.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

11. I took another good picture once.

NOTE: This photo is completely unedited. Doesn't it make me look like a serious photographin' chick? Boo-yeah.
Now, I'm sure it seems like I purposely didn't edit this photo because I'm such an amazing photographer. Which to that I'm sure you are all saying " Oooh... look at how she captures the essence of the Wyoming sun." and "She sure knows how to manipulate the light in her favor." and "I really underestimated her photographical skills." and "Just another blog post proving that she is the greatest photographer to ever surf our humble little blogosphere."
While I should be gloating about being such a diamond in the rough world of photography blogging, while flipping my too-short-to-actually-flip-let-alone-do-anything-with hair and juggling a set of Butcher knives with names like "Ninja" and "Miracle Blade", really you are all being fooled by my intense photography skill.
In all actuality I took this picture whilst on Pioneer trek during the summer, whilst not participating in any sort of pioneer line-dancing, whilst suffering with a blister the size of a 50-cent piece and a nickel smushed together whilst using my mother's broken camera, after accidentally sitting in a circumstantially wet cow pie. Such a pity you can't see all the cow pies. There were some fresh ones. It was more like a "I think that it took a picture but I can't really tell because this cam-er-a {pronounced like Jenna on 30 rock} keeps beeping like it is giong to blow up" sort of deal. I held my breath and pushed down on the button, hoping that my mum wouldn't be too mad at me for at least attempting to photograph my spiritual pioneer journey. {I literally only took about 5 more pictures.}
I'm really also just too lazy to open up photoshop and painstakingly adjust the levels.
But, for the sake of my ego, we'll just pretend that I didn't edit this photo on purpose.
Dude! It's almost as if I'm on of the profesh-ish photographer-pals that live in my sidebar! Do check them out. Baby's on the half tip!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

11. Hope

Pen and Photo-shoppe.... and an emaciated man.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I could listen to it all day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Goals and aspirations.

I really envy all of y'alls' blogging ability. You all are rosy at storytelling and make me want to be a better blogger. Or writer.

Ever since I was really little, I wanted to be some fantastic writer for a newspaper in New York or something like that. That and be Ash Catch'em from Pokemon, which was shattered when I found out he was actually a boy. Years passed, and I forgot about the passion I once had as a mere fetus, going throughout elementary school. Those dreams faded into the background, and, as we all eventually do, I moved on.

Now, today, the art department went on a field trip to Provo to see the Carl Bloch exhibit, which was, by the way, stunning, followed by a trip to Springville to see the AP students' work in the art museum. {And, lemme tell ya, 'cause I never get sicka sayin' it! I LOVE ART!! MEH!} I loved looking at other people's work ,{as stated in previous parenthesis} but my favorite part was probably the bus ride to and from. I have an art teacher who is a really animated fellow, and he spent the majority of the time telling us stories about his life and things.

Everything he said was interesting. All of the kids sitting at the front of the bus and the other two teachers were completely captivated by his words. He is a true storyteller. He did not ramble, as I often do when telling stories, but he painted a picture with the imagery through his words. {Even though he is an art teacher and could paint a picture of the story literally anyways}

Silently, I vowed to myself that I would one day be an incredible storyteller. Perhaps not the kind that sits on rocking chairs and tells children of their interesting life, but one that can relay a story on a bumpy bus ride. All though I abandoned all hopes of being an editorial writer when I was a mite, I think that this goal is actually achievable. I only hope that cool enough things will happen to me in my life so I'll have interesting material to actually tell people.

My other goal is to make my own swimsuit and high-waisted shorts. And another Pride and Prejudice dress that will actually look good and not like a Moses dress.

And my other-other goal is to be Mike Nesmith. {photo courtesy of}

{He's my hero.}

I have recently found a love for the Monkees and knit wool hats... He's precious!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Graphic Novel: Mr. T?

School has been crazy. My grades have never EVER been this bad. I was too lazy to pull out my tablet, and amidst the wreck, Mr. T. somehow ended up on there. I'm a total MESS.

Monday, March 7, 2011

10. Heather's logo.

After months of hard work followed by months of laziness, I finally finished my lovely cousin's logo for the dessert parlor she's opening. Kudos to strep throat for making all of this possible.

My art website should be finished soon. I can't wait! {Except I obviously can because I have to.}

Thursday, March 3, 2011

9. This is what I do instead of paying attention in math.

Notice Adrien Brody, my to-do list, and Beck with the lyrics of Ramshackle and Paper Tiger on his face. {It isn't my fault that he's the only person I know how to draw from memory!}

Also, A brief bulleted list of recent events...
  • Mullet-growing continues. I need like a 3/4 of an inch in the back and then the magic will begin.
  • I have been working very diligently for over a month on an acrylic painting of my friend Aimee.

  • Oh, yeah, did I mention how it is in a gallery now? Yup, yup, yup.

  • I finally saw the Illusionist. It was incredibly depressing, yet insanely beautiful at the same time. It is impossible for Sylvain to disappoint.
  • Also, Happy Birthday to the greatest godparents in the world.



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm so proud of you....

PLEASE help local yokels Fictionist get on the cover of Rolling Stone!!!