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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sneak-eth peek-eth.

Oh man!! I'm doing another ceiling tile for Annex Skate, a local splendor full of the coolest and some of most LDS-ish skaters on this side.....of.... the Himalayas. So, before it gets done {because it won't be anytime soon... I ran out of my favorite pens and spent all of my money on Christmas presents. Aw.} Ya'll gats a sneak peek on the outcome.

AAAAHHH! Line drawing???!?

Do you like my makeshift art studio that I made-shift in my kitchen between the oven and the fridge with a swivel chair and a wobbly easel that is older than your mother? Yep. I sure do. Also notice my fabulous hat that gives me special powers.

Also, this is a picture of me working on my first tile that is now completed in Annex Skate. I'm probably using the same pen that I {in}conveiniently ran out of while working on the most current tile last week! Rats to humanity!! I wish I could still faux-hawk my hair like days of LEAST I WON THE CONTEST WHICH WAS NOT BASED ON ACCURACY OF TIME OR GRAMMAR.
Also, also, thanks to Chilly {pictured above} for hanging out with me for four hours while I finished that tile. Love ya, toots.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Skip the rope, chop the tree!

My sister and I love Thanksgiving. {as shown beneath}

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to eat delicious stuffing and the stereotypical Utah food, Green Jell-o. This ratio is illustrated below, in a plate graph.

I also love when those certain relatives that always seems to be drunk give you money. {Or in this case, my sister money. But it is kind of a yearly tradition.}

You want to know what else I love? Watching Pride and Prejudice with Teresius and Chilly and drooling over the other-worldly perfection of Mr. Darcy. Gah. So great. Honestly, I could probably watch that movie 80 times in a row and NEVER GET SICK OF IT. Really. And Matthew MacFadyen. Yum. I even went to the library yesterday and got the book. I'm going to read it, yeah! And Y'all better be supportive, yeah?

Oh man. I have a whole bunch more to say and I PROMISE I'M WORKING ON A NEW HEADER, OKAY?

I shall end the post with a lovely food-themed french song. Hoorah for yarn s'ghetti!

Over and out, more to come, yeah, potatoes.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Too little, too late.

Guess what? I've started actually giving titles to my pieces. Aren't you just proud little webernet friends.
Communications through guilt, pen

the majority of this one was drawn without lifting up my hand during a long and boring car ride. The minority {the hatching on the hand}was created while my hand was lifted.

study on the female, pen

If any of you know my style of drawing, drawing chicks is I hate drawing us. This was very fun though and got out a lot of pent up crap {I love having a creative outlet. If you don't have one, get one.}. FEMINISM RULEZ!

Optimism rocks.


I don't expect you to know that acronym, but if you can figure it out, I will draw you a picture and bake you cookies.

Anyways, I have been SWAMPED lately in schoolwork and artwork and and craft work and being a stereotypical angsty teenager. {my poor family, having to put up with my grumpiness...} But lots of good things have come out of my stress .{I think.}

Remember how I was complaining about how I can't draw realistically and it peeves me to death? Remember how immediately after that post I decided to draw a bunch of pen stuff and it made me realize that I perhaps don't need to draw perfectly to get far in that field? Oh yeah, I remember that. Whenever I get in a stupor please remind me that cross-hatching in pen always makes me feel better, okay? Okay.

Yum. Pen makes me so happy.

Also, I applied to this yesterday and I am hopin' and prayin' that they choose some of my drawings, because that would be INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUSLY EPIC???
Remember how I don't really like Harry Potter all that much?
Remember how that guy from The Decemberists is pretty not attractive at all?
Remember how I'm doing another ceiling tile for Annex and it will be stellar dope?
Remember how I totally want to have a giant crazy paint party in a sterile white house as in the {wait for comes the plug.} SONG OF THE DAY?!?!?!?! {Thanks to my dearest Teresius for introducing me to the lovely bed-headed jamminess of Locksley.}

Remember how I am very excited for Christmas? I love getting crafty and making presents and finding just the right thing for someone and they start flailing. Flaaaaaaiiiiiil!!!!

Remember how I have two other blog posts planned for today? I do. Priddycool.

Love, Peace, hydrogenated grease.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ye Olde Graphic Novel : Stiff upper lip, chin up.

So, kiddies. I give you a prehistoric graphic novel based completely on true events {Yes, my teacher is a jerkwad and really did say that.} Crappily colored using 6 great-smelling shades!! Written about a month ago using some obscure tablet program before I learned how to properly use photoshop!! I drew myself wearing a normal outfit just for funsies!! The title of it is a plug for a musical number that my enemy-school is putting on right now that was DANGEROUSLY APPLICABLE TO THE SITUATION!!!!! Click to enlarge!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My eyes are burning lazers reflecting off of the screen and etching themselves deep into my skull.

I'm in a rut. This happens often, as you may have guessed, and I don't enjoy it one bit. I sit here, all sulky and gloomy and I don't know what to do with myself. I'm getting this vibe from the universe that in order to become something in the artistic world, I need to be able to draw things exactly as they look. So, this week I ventured into pictures cut out of magazines and secluded myself for a matter of hours to try and achieve this.

For some reason I have this odd genetic makeup that makes me tell myself that I can achieve absolutely anything I desire as long as I put my mind to it and spend time on it. I do not think of how long it might actually take me to get there and I expect myself to be perfect the first time around. This belief is a root of many Disney movies and episodes if Arthur {so I am not entirely to blame.} and is completely and utterly farse.

Now, because of this, I give up easily and immediately head to bummertown as a result. AND LET ME TELL YOU, I HATE BUMMERTOWN. I get this ego built up and my head can barely fit through my favorite Jared Gold tank top and I automatically think I can do anything and am so great and blah blah blah and then BAM. I'm in bummertown. And there I am. Sitting in my room, listening to Manchester Orchestra and wondering what the heck happened and why the collar of my favorite Jared Gold tank top is so stretched out.

Okay, I may not seem like an egotistical jerkwad, but I can get that way deep down and am very good at hiding it. It is like long toenails, easily hidden by close-toed shoes but when seen in a sandal, remains grotesque and lint-y.

{Possibly the worst comparison written by man?!}

ANYways, ruts are stupid. Stooooooopid, if you will. And as much as I dislike them, I need to have them. They help keep us grounded so we can sort out our priorities and such.

And now a meaningful life lesson.

This rant session is making its way back to the station, but before I leave you, I must tell you to never do things in order to impress others. Take your time, and enjoy the process. When you stop enjoying that thing that you are truly passionate about, it isn't worth anything anymore. Sometimes, people can take that passion out of you. Ruts can help us find it again in a whole new life, and help us see the worth that was lost. Be passionate about things to please yourself, not just to get the recognition of others.

How was that for life lessons? Eh? Eh?

Take it away, song of the day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Graphic novel: One foot in the grave

Me and my mum. TRUE EVENTZ.
Lately to rid myself of stress and put my life into a different perspective, I've turned to making graphic novels of events that occur in my life. My absolutely fantastic art teacher told me how she makes them about her life and suggested I do the same. It helps me make light of hard situations and lets my feelings out in a creative way. This particular one I made in about a half an hour while under the influence of this song, and isn't supposed to look amazing. That's what makes it fun; there are no expectations! Enjoy.