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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Loose ends tying a noose in the back of my mind

I will stop loving Beck when I am living with One Foot In The Grave.

Watercolor, Photoshop.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Nichola practice sketch

I'm working on a giant {like 5 feet tall} piece of my darling friend, Nickey, for some shows in the spring. Here's the practice sketch.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Farmer Joel

Ballpoint pen and stuff.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is not a Halloween costume.

This is RILL LYFE.

Practicing the olde-timey photo-shoppe skills. Matching the color took forever, but I'm quite content with the outcome. I like to look at it as if I had no prior knowledge of creating it.

"Hey. Jimmy Stewardt is caressing my face. Cool."


Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Hallow's Eve

{Two gold stars to whoever clicks to zoom.}
This little guy has been living in my head for the past while, and I only let him out now because people might have judged him prematurely. Seeing as tomorrow is Halloween, I thought it safe to let him roam around. Everyone will think he's in costume, right? And that that gas mask isn't actually a part of his face, right? {sometimes my inner Doctor Who fan gets the best of me. Just kidding. I just happen to really like gas masks. Always have, always will.}

I'm totally soaking in all of the fall vibes around me right now. Because, lets be honest here. If any of you know me well you know that I love two things more than life itself: Autumn and tapioca pudding. Well, maybe turkey bacon more than tapioca pudding, but that's beside the point. I just adore fall. And, in order to celebrate, my dear friends Maddy and Andrew accompanied me on a lovely hike up Holbrook Canyon to admire the leaves and get an old-fashioned polygadate. It was cold, but much needed. Both of them being photographers, took advantage of the beautiful calico scenery. {Maddy with a Nikon D90 and Andrew with some Canon from the sixties.} Meanwhile, I stood behind and poked holes in really large leaves in attempt to make perhaps the most pathetic masquerade mask in existence. I thought I was pretty clever.

They just smiled and nodded, like the good friends they are. Love 'em to death.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Art.

Art Clokey, that is. {ie: the creator of GUMBY and pioneer in stop-motion animation. My FAVORITE. In case you couldn't tell by the sidebar.} Have you seen Google today? I love you, Gumby. I love you, Art. Here's a picture in case you missed it.

90 beautiful years! Also, I am hopefully getting this for Christmas.


Monday, October 10, 2011


(click to zoom)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What you've all been waiting for.

The folks over at Odeus skate (!!) asked me to design the cover for their newest skate film, Tilt. I pretty much had free reigns over the entire project, and I'm happy to say that after 20+ hours of work, I finally finished it.
{Hint: clickity to see the whole thing.}
Ballpoint pen {red and black}, acrylic, watercolor.

My lovely friends let me position them in awkward and potentially misinterpreted ways, which resulted in this. No, my friends are not slaves. No, this will not be considered as manual labor. {just don't ask to see the sweatshop in the back room.}

Because I am an ardist, and I have ultimate authority over every situation, I only allow males named Andrew to model for me. I am always in charge, and people always do what I tell them. Always. That's just how it is.


Me:  " Will to look like you just punched in the face...For me?"

Andrew #1: begrudgingly, "Yeah. I guess. Whatever. Are you paying me for this?"

Me: "Paying you....with... love?"

Me: " Can I.... take a picture of your... legs?"

Andrew {Not Beck}#2: "Wait....what?!"


The face is Andrew's.  The pants are other Andrew's {Not Beck's}. I'll be posting close-ups of the front soon. Because it's the kewl thing to do. And so you can witness the paisley-blood-y glory in full splendor.  The blood is not real.

The film premieres next Friday at the Inferno Cantina in SLC.

Did I mention that my IDOL MIKE MURDOCK {see sidebar} WILL BE THERE?!?! And did I also mention that it is presented by SLUG!? MY DREAMS?!?

Oh Yeah.

It's no big deal.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Olde news...

I still have to wait to tell you all the big news..... but in quick-I-have-so-much-other-crap-to-do-so-I-will-not-spend-time-telling-you-all-this-in-a-really-long-blog-post news.... I got asked to homecoming.

And I'm actually really excited.

>>>------------>  Lex

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have a best friend. Named KC. On an LDS mission. His companion-sir-fellow sent me a letter which I received in the mail today. That calligraphy is all done by hand. Yum.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I did this piece especially for the Art at the Post 2 gallery I was in earlier this month. I started it on a Tuesday and finished it on a Thursday morning {IE: 1:30 in the morning.} which was really cutting it down to the wire for me because I am used to working at a leisurely pace. My poor family had to put up with me.

My cousin Jamo, who is in this killer Metal band called Reverence, agreed to model for me. He's pretty much a pro at the whole "angry-as-cuss-drummer-in-a-metal-band" look. What a champ. Due to my lack of photography skills, it looks not as good as it does in real life and bleh bleh bleh.

Also, I just found out that Weird Al is going to be at the state fair this year. Sweet gilligans.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Summerfest 2011

This August 4-6th, I was lucky to have a booth at Bountiful Summerfest, a cultural and artistic festival, with my three friends Gavin, Satcie, and Bobby.
Although I didn't quite make back all the money I spent on summerfest, it was still a great experience. Here are some of our adventures (aka, boredom.) THE BOOTH in all of its' shining glory.

Bobby's trippy prints.

Stacie and I's side of the booth. {AKA the better looking side.}

Stacie's beautiful jars.

My little section of the booth.

Army wife {still available} , Matrioshka {sold} and antlered man boxes {still available}. Above the boxes are also handmade sketchbooks with some prints on the covers. I still have a ton of those left, so if you are interested in purchasing anything, they will probably be on my etsy shop soon. When I get an etsy shop.

Haindpainted and inked woodsman box. SOLD. Matrioshka box, haidpainted and inked. SOLD! But I plan on making more of these.

Gavin's mohawk monster.

We were lucky to have Stacie's nephew Max visit our booth for a few hours. Of course, being submitted to the heat for several days at this point and being too poor to purchase the overpriced food, we were beginning to enter the dillusional coma induced by heat and exhaustion. Max was the only entertainment we had for a long time, so we decided it was a good idea to put things on his head and take pictures.

This is when we stuck wool on Max's head. Max looks like Gene Wilder.

Max escaping the scene as well as his Gene Wilder hairdo.

Max attempting to steal my camera.

Max with a turban on his head.

Max with a doily on his head.

Jimsta and Bobby. I HAVE FRIENDS!!!

Bean tree.

Stacie's stuff.

Stacie's beautiful wares. Just look at those needlefelted animals. Gorgeous.

A jorb well done! {Partially in dillusional coma.} [still not entirely sure how Pat got in there.] Pretend we made lots of money.

My dearest cousin, Lukey Pookey in his booth that he got for winning the emerging artist award for that gallery I did a few months back. {I took this picture at a specific angle to protect his identity.}

Stacie, Bobby, and Corrin's arm. We celebrated the end of summerfest at Pat's house with play-doh ice cream.

Shea and Pat are best friends. Really. You might not be able to tell by this picture, but they really are.

Bobby and Cooper. Looking like a celebrity couple.

I have super talented friends.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Beck Underpainting.

I decided to see my improvement in both drawing realistically and watercoloring, I would do a yearly portrait of Beck. {semi-yearly? One during summer vacay, one during winter break?} Here's the underpainting which I finished yesterday at work. Some guy came and ate a philly at my farmer's market information table {not a Beck reference.} and he was like "Oh, wow. That's a really good drawing of Beck." People never recognize or know Beck when I am drawing him. You go, man. I hope your Philly Cheesesteak didn't clog your arteries for your kind comment.



Friday, August 5, 2011

Art at the post TWO

I'm in it. If you are in the Salt lake area, you should come. Proceeds go to Salt Lake Bike Collective.


Friday, July 29, 2011


This is Kilby Court. {No. It's not a garage! IT'S A MUSIC VENUE! Why on earth would you say that?!?}

So, my sister's in this awesome band called The Staples. She recently {as in 3 weeks ago} replaced their old bassist, and is now living the high life as a rock and roll star... Sorta. Anyways, on Monday a week ago, they played... wait. no. They HEADLINED at the ever-established Kilby Court, and I was very lucky to watch and take blurry pictures with my new camera. There were 4 bands before them. This guy, Charles Ellsworth, was seriously good. Maybe it was just because he had the coolest moustache ever....Actually, I don't remember any of his music.... I really just spent the entire time trying to photograph his moustache. Which failed. {Don't worry, ladies. He works at the local Urban Outfitters.}

After listening to him, we hung out in the merch room for way too long, causing near heat exhaustion and hanging out with this guy, Bryson. {Bryson has self-esteem issues.}

Door to the merch room. Notice the woodpile.... Kilby is the classiest joint in SLC. Some merch.
Also, to join the tradition of all traditions, I drew a little something on the wall. It's the record player guy. In case you didn't catch that.

Ah!! And there they are!! The Staples themselves!! All of my pictures turned out blurry once again, so I took the liberty of stealing some from their facebook page.

This is my sister. Being a sexy bassist. Which I am totally jealous of. Because I wish I was a bassist.

They have tons of super new and super awesome unrecorded songs, so if you have the chance to catch them live, do. Because they are so much better live. A little Strokes-y, A little Arctic Monkeys-y. Listen to them here..... and also "like" them if you have a facebook....


Saturday, July 23, 2011


I draw myself a lot.

I need to work on stuff for my booth at Summerfest,

But seeing as I have no ambition,

and really like drawing cartoons of myself,

That hasn't quite happened yet.

Oh, Bother.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I was cleaning out my closet the other day when I came across a box full of all of these great photos of myself in high school. It sure is crazy to see what I looked like then in comparison to what I look like now. What I don't understand is that crazy little white bar at the bottom... We didn't even HAVE the internet back when all of these photos of me were taken. Let alone URL's for that matter!!

Ho,ho,ho. And, for the sake of blogging and preserving the obvious nostalgia of this situation, I scanned all of those photos onto this here compyewtur for your viewing pleasure. You know, seeing as I'm sixteen and all and now planning my funeral and whatnot and dustin' off my AARP membership card, I figures I should have something for my grand kids to remember me by.

Oh man, just look at me in this one. I sure was a smooth operator back in my day. I made mom jeans and floral couches look so good.

Looky here! It's me and the ol' chess club! Dominating state champs of '73! Kenneth, Barb, and Steve sure knew how to checkmate. I remember that after this photo was taken, we all got into this crazy-intense chess match, which ended in Barb's arm amputation. Steve ended up as a John Stamos impersonator in Modesto, last I heard. Kenneth is a hair bleach salesman. Man, my bangs looked great in this picture.

This is me back in my olde athletic participant days. When I was younger and more spry {as pictured} I had a patterned baldness disorder in which my hair grew naturally from the scalp, balded just below, and started growing again in a fringe that covered the eyebrows and had a different hair color and texture than the hair growing on my scalp. This photo was taken shortly after I was diagnosed with Male Patterned baldness disorder for females {MPBfF} but later became less noticeable as I experimented with different hair styles.

Me and Jimmy Howell were lab partners that whole year... I remember it well. At first, he made fun of me for my MPBfF disorder, but we later became good chums as we tried to invent a cure for my disorder.

Oh! Yes! I was voted Best Country Line Dancer by my fellow classmates!! I sure knew how to shimmy-n-shake on the dance floor.

This photo was taken during a stage of puberty in which my head became ultimately too large for my face.

I will never forget that afro. Cindy, Janice and Hazel. Four part harmony. Four ukuleles. 20 minute harmonica solos. It was a good life.

I was thrilled when I got these glasses. Truly thrilled.

Ah! Me and the boys at the photography club! We switched over when the chess club became way too mainstream. I had the hots for Davy in the middle there. We held hands during the homecoming football game. Under the bleachers. In the moonlight. We would have kissed, but he had headgear that he was supposed to wear when he wasn't shooting of getting photographed, so I restrained.

Oh, those were the days.