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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beautiful People

This is my friend Bobby. He let me borrow his manual focus camera one day during school. Needless to say, we had fun. Bobby looks like a sailor.

Bobby's serious artist face.

I'm drawing this. Or painting it. Either way, it is the best photograph of him ever.

KyRea is gorgeous.

Reflected light= wonderful.

Once again... THE LIPS!!!

KC may or may not be glaring at me in this picture.

Drawing this one right now. Then doing a watercolor.

These three have kept me sane this year. I'm trying not to think about the fact that they are leaving me next week. They are three of the best artists and friends someone could ever have. I'm very grateful for them and all that they do for me.

It's difficult when all of your friends {minus a small handful} are seniors. You've influenced me and helped me grow so much over the past year....all of you. You have changed me for the better, and I'm so crazy blessed to have you all in my lives. Now, you all get to go on to bigger and better things. Have fun. Take care. Look up.

I love all of you beautiful people.

{P.S: Soon all of these photographs will be art.}


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Me in Sharpie

By the fabulous Jo Bradbury! {Check out her blog in the sidebar and give some love.} Some day I will be cool enough to be her.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Sacrament Meeting Doodle

Yikes! It seems I haven't posted in a bit. Well, maybe it's only been a few weeks....or A week...... but it feels like it has been a while. How are you? Like, honestly. How are my friends in this great and massive blogosphere doing? How are the kids? The cats? cameras? I've missed you. {You know who you are. Well, maybe you don't Super-milk chan, but now you do because I have expressed my missing you via bloggins. And I'm pretty sure the rest of you know that I miss you. Yup. I'm a creep.} ANYWAYS. Here's a guy I've been drawing in sacrament meeting in church for the past few weeks. I really like this style, and I think I might adopt it when {psh. let's be honest, here. IF} I do my graphic novel.

Also, I finished the first anthology of American Splendor on Saturday! I'm in love. With. Harvey. Pekar. And I've officially become a graphic novel-reading dweeb. {But not Anime or that manga shee-az. I haven't completely lost my senses....}

{photo courtesy of}

So far, in this anthology, Robert Crumb and Gerry Shamray have been my favorite illustrators. I love Crumb's general style and hatch, and I've been a fan of his for quite some time now. However, I also love Shamray's unique style of shading and using only shadow shapes and simple lines to create the bigger, more realistic picture. He lets your brain makes up most of the picture and fill in the spaces, which I find captivating and lovely. Crumb, on the other hand, lives up to his name, capturing the sleazy, gritty underground comic scene of that era. Both have a fascinating individiual style and a unique take on the events in Pekar's life.

Can't wait to finish the second Anthology!!!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Self with lampshade-headed man

Prismacolor on toned paper. Three weeks time later.... I'm pretty pleased with it. But mostly pleased by the fact that I taught myself how to draw realistically.

-Lex. {oh blogging, How I've missed you so!}

Song of the day: This song by Malajube. Love the video too....