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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Then they will let Watson and I disect your brain.

Hello peasants.

So..... I saw Sherlock Holmes last night. Shall I summarize? Yes, yes I shall.

  • Men's hats

  • Enough slow-motion action scenes to send a pregnant woman into labor.

  • A plot line that can be predicted faster than you can say Franco Zefferrelli.

  • And my favorite..... facial hair. Dazzo-dope facial hair.

  • Jude Law with dazzo-dope facial hair.

  • Must I tell you how much I adore facial hair?

Needless to say I went into the theater with little expectations. very little expectations, kiddies. I must say that I always thought of Doyle's Holmes to be much more gentlemanly. Just as witty and clever as Downey, but twelve times more swanky and , how shall I put it, restrained. Doyle's Holmes seems as if he is too clever to get himself into a stupid situation,to take the time to think his actions over, while Downey walked right into trouble obliviously only to later find out what a terrible idea it was in the first place. But that's how the director wanted it I guess, and I must give them credit for their wicked foreshadowing . But all the same, I did enjoy it. I'm a sucker for underlying political details and...well......facial hair. Plus I like it when things looks old and scummy. Like the set for Sherlock Holmes! It simply fascinates me and makes me wish I could have been a Gibson girl.

I found many new Postal Service, Menomena, Weezer and such and and such and such {Modest Mouse ref. for those in the know} chords today. I will be a ukulele master!! Maybe. My mum said she is going to buy me a really nice ukulele for my birthday. I hope that pans out well. I already know that I am going to name it "Uke Ellington" .

I want to make this blog into something more sentimental. I want people to read it and be impressed by my intellectuality. But for the time being, I am still myself. I will keep posting about stupid things and being a facebook zombie and dreaming about my future. I will still keep being a dweeb and spending all of my time wishing that I could post more intellectually. Really all I see this as is a blog for a hobby, nothing special. But I want it to be more.


(P.S: Do you miss this? I am kind of considering changing it back.)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

SLC is dazzo dope.

It is on days like this that I wish I had a good concert or a street market to go to or a good issue of City Weekly to read. I love reading The City Weekly and feeling connected, you may say, with my state, with my city, with the culture around me. I kind of want to start a band called Fine City Folk. We would play on street corners like The Continentals and wear vintage hats and peacoats with mismatched buttons. Oh yeah, I MET THEM. They were super laid-back and made me want to be in a band called Fine City Folk. Is this post getting tedious? Heh. Tedious.

I love how the city you grew up in is special to you as you get older. When I was younger, my mum always took me to art museums and art fairs and flea markets and other things like that. I never really thought that those things would make me who I am today. I never really thought that the city that I always seemed to be around when I was little would mean so much to me as I got older. But now that I look at it, I realize that I may never move out of the Salt Lake Valley. I love it too much. There are far too many memories in that city. And I would trade those memories for anything! I am a lucky girl to have had those experiences.

Such as:
  • Meeting Trent Call


  • Having Trent Call give me advice on drawing and painting and all that rot even thought I was hyperventilating and about to pass out because TRENT CALL WAS GIVING ME ADVICE. I totez played it cool.

  • Having the chance to have Ted Wassmer give me drawing advice and pretty much be my grandfather. I miss him. He painted me pictures every year for my birthday before he died. He loved it when I would draw for him, and he got some of my pictures into a museum in New York. He was the sweetest man alive. He played the piano beautifully, it took up most if his apartment. He never stopped painting, even when he was 96. I grew up always going to his art shows and being such a regular artsy socialite. Kind of. {As much as a 4-8 year old can be}

Really, his work is stunning.

I wish I could properly end this post, but I have to leave.


{also, listen to this.}

Friday, February 26, 2010

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Hi, hi, hi guys.
Everyone keeps posting on their blogs and I feel awful because I am too busy to constantly keep you posted and nyuhk-nyuhk-nyuhk.
I should probably be telling you all about my life and such but right now I really don't want to. I just want to tell you about recent inspiros' and all that rot.

The other night Breanna and her cousin Jason and I hung out where we played with her lovely turtles and reminisced over old Pokemon episodes. I can only imagine how utterly lame that sounds, truly, but it was actually quite amusing remembering all the odd fascinations I had with the brightly colored garb and demeanor of the show to my budding four-year-old mind. Life was so simple back then, when my career path was only to be Ash Ke'chum and be a Pokemon master. Ah, a sign of the times, kiddies. A sign of the times.
So, after we ate grilled cheeses and sorts we decided to watch The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Note: I had never seen this show, only heard of it and seen the stick figures of Flapjack that Baker drew for me in Algebra last year. Which I still have. On my inspiration board. Anyways, I was skeptical upon watching it, but soon realized that IT IS THE ABSOLUTE CREEPIEST WEIRDEST SHOW THAT I WOULD LIKE, NATURALLY. I love the quirky characters in it. They look like something I would draw. And the pointless plots plus the disgusting details make it gritty and gross and absolutely delightful. When I mean gritty and gross I mean like, 'haven't showered in three years' gritty and gross.

But seriously, the drrrraaaaawwwiiinnnnggg! It is beautiful how disgusting it is. I love the fact that they incorporate sort of a Trent Call vibe with little 1930's cartoon details. For example, notice how his eyes are slit and creep-ified with the tired lines underneath. It meshes and is monotone and lovely. AND the basis of the show revolves around CANDY! What isn't to love people?! {Not to mention he's just so darn cute.}

photo courtesy of

My other new love came after I got home. Apparently, Corn's bossman lent her some weird British comedy that he liked. I was also skeptical of this show, called "The I.T. Crowd". Corrin said she liked it when she watched the first few episodes, so I decided to trust her.

(All I.T. photos courtesy of

NEW.FAVORITE. SHOW. It is hilarious, and nerdy, and about Internet technicians, and MOSS. Moss is my favorite. I want to marry him. {Moss is the pixelated figure on the right} The show is filmed with one of those typical crappy Brit-coms cameras that makes it look crappy (you know) and well, British. {I can make fun of British things being made crappily because ironically they do it on the show. Adding to the hilarity, of course} Moss is the awkward comic relief. The typical nerd, I like his Marc Jacobs possibly CdG parted 'fro. Makes me chuckle.

Moss is the man on the left. Yup. That's the kind of man I would marry. Just one more, I promise, and my fangirling will be over. Okay, that's enough. I want to go watch more I.T. crowd now, Adieu dweebs. Er, whatever.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Charges around with a juggernaut brow.

Hello for the second time today.

I really feel as though I need to express some feelings about my future. High School, that is. Four score and two nights ago was the school preview. I haven't really been too excited about my choice of high school until that day. I walk into the commons of the school, and something changes in the air. Something just feels right. It is almost as if all of my concerns were gone, all of my mixed feelings about my choice simply vanish. I want to go there now. I want to take painting and ceramics and sculpture and screen-printing and drawing and whatever else I possibly can, because only now do I truly feel that I did the right thing. I don't care that I still have to live in the shadow of my friends' guilt trips, or that my mother frowns upon my decision. I don't care. Because now it is my turn to decide my future, to be the person I want to be. And no once can stop me. No one can change my mind and no one can change me.

And heck yes I am so super excited I may do a jig or cut my hair or something.

Oh wait, I can't cut my hair. Darn musical.

Thank you.

Good night and good luck.


Such a pretty song. Such a nice beard.)

I have friends in high places.

Hello world.
The big blue.
The world-wide web.
The endless trap of technology and useless time consumption.
I can't stand you.
Yet I do love you so.
You webernet, you!

Anyways, today my aunt invited us to the everso-epic Red Hat Society friends and family luncheon. It was..interesting. And choc-full of old people. And we even played bingo {As one does at a club function where club members have to be over the age of 50..} I ate turkey and got bingo once. But by golly, I love my Aunt! She is hilarious! And her red hat totally trumped ALL.

After affairs of red-hat-idge, I went to Ross and bought some saddle shoes. They are shiny.

Okay, so my sister just got a legit iPod, and we transferred all of our music over. My sister is very picky, and when she doesn't like a song, she will delete it. Off of the computer. And the music is mine too. As in, we both purchase the music and share it. Which is all fine and dandy until one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists gets deleted. No bueno, children. No bueno. So, I end up song-less and not a very happy camper.

This story is relatable to a situation that happened to me today. The following song has been stuck in my noggin all the live long week. And my dearest Corn'n'beans deleted off of the computer. Such a pity, children. Such a pity. Here is the song.

I imagine him prancing around the stage while yelling (?) this song. It makes me happy. And his name is Ezra, which is awesome and old-timey.

I must bid you adieu, even though I had a billion more things to tell you. That is for another time.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't never buy nothin' from a man named Truth.

Hello Kiddies.
Happy President's day. I had to go to an all-day rehearsal, which mostly contained dancing. I'm sure it was pretty hilarious watching me flop around the stage because of my lack of coordination. I was tripping all over myself and I'm sure I looked pretty darn ridiculous. Ha! I don't normally like blogging about my monotonous life, but I can't think of anything better right now. A poem, perhaps? Yes. That sounds nice. This is a poem I wrote forever ago. Such a pity. You'll have to deal with it. If you do not wish to deal with it, then please do use common sense and do not proceed past the colon which I will type presumably after this tedious statement is over, even though I do not feel it lengthy and tedious enough yet; perhaps a few more tedious syllables, or perhaps a tedious excerpt of a tedious song by the tedious composer, T. Dious, who was born in Tediocity over the bridge in tediousville fifty miles past the tedious forest, where tedious youngsters play tediously under the tedious blue skies in the mid-afternoon of a very tedious day....
A Tragic Irony
By: Lexi Vivienne
They met in the summer of '75,
A ring of clovers nested in her hair.
He sat by her side, so consumed with love,
She pretended not to care.
They were both rather opinionated but their rivaling quarrels,
Were nothing but spiteful wit.
He whispered sweet nothings into her ear,
And her once-stone persona was lit.
They embraced so passionately under the stars,
He pledged to take her away.
But she had to refuse, with a tender kiss.
"With my sickly mother I must stay."
The boy plead mercifully with the girl,
But there was nothing he could do.
He wiped the tears from her porcelain face, saying,
"I'd rather die than live without you."
As her hand fell away from his,
An empty feeling nestled into their bones.
She kissed his cheek and turned away;
Her dress cascading over the cobblestones.
Some time later, a dank brown ship
Ported itself in the docks.
The boy, dressed in uniform, boarded the boat,
While the tides washed up 'gainst the rocks.
The girl with the clover wreath in her hair
Watched from a distance away.
Salty tears graced her rosy cheeks,
as the ship sailed off into midday.
The voyage cross the sea was over,
The military had formed ranks.
The boy, among them, was given one assignment:
To kill those blasted Yanks.
The gunfire started, shoot and reload,
The boy slower than all the rest.
He looked up, the opposer looked him straight in they eye,
And shot the boy straight through his chest.
The boy lay practically dead on the ground,
His wound so unforgiving.
He knew why this was his fate; the phrase entered his mind:
"A life without her is not a life worth living."
They met in the summer of '75,
A ring of clovers nested in her hair.
Now no one sits next to her tortured soul,
All because she pretended not to care.
Lame. Cheesy. Dumb. Why did I even bother typing it up? Gah (Said like old man) too late now, sonny. Baaaaaaah. Pessimistic snare!
Song stuck in my head as of this moment:

I love this song. I love this band. This band and Vampire Weekend have a collabo-band called 'Discovery'. They are awesome, and really big in Wyoming. The words I have used most in this post: Tedious, band. Band? Band.

(Also check out the Passion Pit remix of this song. It was a toss-up of which one to actually post.)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

I like the fact that the 'Dashboard' on blogger is called a "Dashboard." It reminds me of Modest Mouse and other nautical nonsense.

Today I was at the D.I. and I helped two little girls find their father. It was weird. My mum bought me some red-vines today at all-a-dollar. My sister got a bootlegged copy of Fantastic Mr. Fox. (No worries, we're going to buy the real thing when it comes out. And then we will set-a-flame to the pirated copy! HAHAHA!)

Today me and Corn made up a new word for cool. Kosher.

I am giving a talk in church tomorrow, along with my Sweet Walrus Erica beans.

I don't even know why I am posting, I am totally uninspired and all that rot. This meaningless post will just take up space on your blog list.

I watched this. It made me happy.

That one dude has a rad 'stache.

x- Lexi Vivienne.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy birthday Abe!

Gee Whiz!
While this week has dragged on into oblivion, I have mourned along with others over the loss of one of the greatest designers of our modern times. Although he is gone physically, his clothing and designs will always be with us, and he as a person will be an inspiration for decades to come. I had a family friend who committed suicide, and certain things that occur in my life always remind me of her. I believe the same for Alexander McQueen, that even though he may not be here physically, we will never forget him. If we do, with any passed soul, then that means that the trivial ways of the world have won us. We will have lost, and another toll of the arts will be taken. Art is dying, and it is up to us to save it. We can't let it die.
Thanks for letting me rant temporarily. Back on task..
I stopped breathing in gym today, which was actually really scary, I was doing this stupid thing called the 'pacer test', and I really wasn't supposed to be running it, but we had a sub. So I ran it. And since I have been recovering from bronchitis, and forgot my inhaler, my throat closed up and, BINGO! I stop breathing.
And to make my day better, I got the lowest math test score in the class. I guess that's what I get for studying for four hours. OH KARMA YOU CAN BE SO CRUEL!!!!!!! Or not.
I apologize. I spend way to much time venting on this thing about how bad my days are when really I can be focusing on the positives of the situation. I don't mean to be that way. This blog is just such great therapy, really. I don't care if anyone reads this or anything, It's just nice to get this out there on the world wide, if-you-know-what-I-mean.
A very positive thing that happened today is the fact that it is my sister, Corn's birthday! For one of her presents, I made her a sweet 'zine called "Mullet With Headlights." It was full of pop culture phenomena, politics, inside jokes, and of course no 'zine would be complete without pictures of Kevin Awesome wearing a kilt! It was lovely to watch her read it, I think she really liked it. Here are some things that I love about Corn.
Bulleted List
  • She has the best taste in music ever. Pretty much.
  • She likes to wear underwear on her head, like a handicapped three year old.
  • She is an AMAZING watercolorist.
  • She gets me a 1/2 off discount at Jamba.
  • She always goes to rad concerts.
  • She gets mad at Toad on Super Mario. It is hilarious.
  • She chauffeurs me around places.
  • She is this ridiculous poet, like no kidding. Her poems have been published in two books. Not joking.
  • She is pretty much my best friend.
  • She lets me wear her clothes...sometimes.
  • She is honest. And tells me if my clothes look dorky. (Even if I don't listen to her)
  • She always lets me read her Rolling Stone 'zines after she has read them.
  • She is hilarious!!
  • She can totally pull off front bangs like none-other.
  • We have a theme song.
  • We plan on being Andy Warhol/Candy Darling, Octomom/Kate Gosselin, Sunny/Cher or Karen/Richard Carpenter for Halloween. I am always the man.
  • She has the same birthday as Abraham Lincoln, for Pete's sake!

I've spent way to much time typing this, and not enough time spending it with my amazing sister! I really love her, and I really love you all , my fantastic readers!!! You make life much better, really. Thank you.

And now.... OUR THEME SONG!

Laugh all you want, but this song is rad, and I can TOTALLY play it on the uke.

Happy birthday Corn Row, Corn, Crayon, Simon, Bean, Rin-Rin, Peaches-La-Rue, Rin-Tin-Tin, and sometimes even Moof.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's looking like a beautiful day!

Hello children!

Today was perfect. Just perfect. I spent the morning hanging out with my seester and sharing awesome music video knowledge with each other. Because we are soooo cool. Not. Anyways, then I played Super Mario for the wii and made it to the castle on the first level!! *yaaaaaaay.........*

(For me it is pretty impressive, especially since I was blessed with the hand-eye coordination of a newborn goat.)

Then I went to Lowe's with my mum to find a 'fridgerator. And believe me, I am not a strong believer in home improvement stores... They disgust me. Probably because whenever I walk into one I get flashbacks of my father in nasty ankle-length cargo pants.. *shudders* . So, here I am sammyin' my way to the 'fridgerator isle when all of a sudden, I hear music.. sweet, sweet, music. I stopped walking. I had a heart attack. This is what was playing:

This was my response : "GAAAAAH! " And I'm pretty sure that I scared the employee that was helping my mom find a fridge. And then I started singing. OK GUYS. IT'S OFFICIAL. LOWE'S IS OFFICIALLY COOL. I even took the extra time to bold the word cool so that means it is absurdly extraordinarily awesome.

So I thought that my once mediocre day couldn't get any better, I mean, after learning the fact that the home improvement store which I once loathed plays good music. {And by bearded folksters nonetheless! Ah! The glory of it all!} But guess what? IT DID.

One car ride and Matt Costa car sing-along later (yup. My mum loves Matty!) I found myself browsing the isles at Target for some hair color. I have been trying for several months to get back to my natural hair color, and hopefully this will be on the path to hair color success! Anyways, I found a suitable color, and my mum and I went to the clearance section to browse the clothsies. I was mulling my way through the 30% offs when BAM. I saw it. I gasped a very loud gasp, resulting in a pregnant woman with her small child to give me weird looks. But I couldn't help it. I think I cried a little. Peed a little. I did a small jig. Small, but still jiggy.

And then I picked it up, looked at the label, {to reassure my accusations} AND PROBABLY DIED FOR A FEW SECONDS.

Do you remember how I was all upset because the Target's within a 90-mile radius of my house did not carry the Rodarte for Target collection? WELL GUESS WHAT. They must have got an shipment of extras or something, I don't know, but they decided to put those items on clearance for , oh, I don't know, 30% off.

AND THIS IS WHY I DIED. I bought this dress (gah!!!) and the only other Rodarte item in the store for $40. I know. I splurged. BUT IT'S RODARTE!!!! And I don't care if it looks goth or emo or whatever because I will make it look un-stereotypical, if ya-know-what-I-mean. Literally, I scoured each and every rack, just to make sure I hadn't missed anything. And just to be careful I scoured them two more times..... The Rodarte shirt I also bought is a lovely blue lace thing with floral-y lace stuff and lace. Did I mention it is made out of lace??? I am so excited to wear them, and even more excited that I actually got two of my favorite RoDaRtE pieces from the Target collection in the first place. I really am the luckiest gal on this side of the U.S.!!!

Also, A lady in the checkout line said that she loved my style. Wull thank you, kind stranger!

Mum and I had spaghetti for dinner and are watching Driving Miss Daisy. What a perfect end to a perfect day!

{And for those interested, the title of this post is a line from one of my favorite Elbow songs on the album Seldom Seen Kid. Amazing album, by the way.This song is so beautiful, it is overwhelming. And the proper use of the words "Holy Cow" in a song? I doth not know it possible! But they are Brits, they can do anything. Enjoy it, kiddies, while I slink off into the sunset, dressed in my fabulous Row-dar-tay garb. (not to brag, really. I just love it.) }

Sigh. So lovely, that band.

x Lexi

Friday, February 5, 2010

That dog has soft armpits.

Oh my gawl.
It is 12:20 in the morning. I am sitting in my house, alone, watching Strictly Global and wondering why I am still up.
Can I tell you how whacked-out I am right now? Really, I am very, very, very (must I bold AND Italicize?) whacked-out. I spent the past 6 hours cutting out triangles and sewing for my friend's mum, Little Debbie. She is in charge of the costumes for the musical , and she needed a lot of help.
Speaking of the musicaaaaaaaal....
I have at least 4 new bruises and 3 new cuts from this musical. And just when my cuts and bruises from LAST year's musical had almost finished healing! Oh cuss (meh heh heh heh) ! I have to sit at the very top of a rather unstable 6-foot-tall pyramid. I do say, rather unstable. And frightening, to say the least. And then oh! How about you jump off of the very tall, rather unstable pyramid, while in the middle of belting? Why yes, director! I would love to risk my life simply for this mediocre-Junior-High production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat! How silly of me to think of my well-being!
I am sorry for my lack of posting this week. I have been a rather busy beaver. I have been suffering through A Tale of Two Cities in Honors' English. That plus rehearsals? Plus Trigonometry? Aw, come on guys!!
And to make matters worse, It is post-politics-hair-pomaded-punk week on Strictly Global. Duuuuuuuuumb. Anti-Flag. Even more duuuuuumb. This putridity makes me want to yammy on the keyboard. Or the cat sleeping on my chest slightly above the keyboard.
(P.S: Song of the day:)

Symphonies by Dan Black : Possibly the best music video ever??!

Perhaps I will go to sleep now.