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Friday, July 23, 2010

I really love beards.

Will I spend $5 for a pair of socks that say "I heart beards" ?

Yes. Yes I will.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is my first drawing using my new tablet, and my first experimentation with LEGIT DIGITAL ART. It is of me.
I can already tell that this is going to provide me with insurmountable amounts of entertainment in the near future.....


I like how when you don't post anything for a long time, neat stuff happens that you think Hey, I should write a blog post about that... but then you get lazy or you accidentally confuse you iPod for bread and stick it in the toaster or something like that and you don't end up posting.

Which is totally lame. And I'm sorry.

So, last week was my birthday. I'm fifteen now. I'm an old bean. Better start making the funeral arrangements.... get my coffin measurements.... all that rot. But it was a good birthday. I spent the majority of the day with my awesome birthday buddy Hannahwing, which was AWESOME. I just adore that girl. And I got to meet people that will go to my High School next year.

And I got a Wacom Bamboo fun tablet. BAM. Pretty much the best present EVER. I can't even express to you how excited I am. This opens up a billion doors for me. I'm stoked.

And a new ukulele with Mahogany fiiiiiiniiiiiiiissssshhhh!!!!! Totally stellar.

Yeah. I honestly don't feel like typing anything else.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Watercolor #3 Drew Danburry

The saturation and colors are 80 billion times better in real life. STUPID TECHNOLOGY.
Also, I need to remind myself to buy watercolor paper, so that the paper doesn't molt while I'm painting on it.

Homage to the Paint Graveyard

Today, my dear children, is the day I pay homage to past creations on Microsoft Paint. Since I am positive that I am not going to get a tablet for my birthday and will not have enough money to buy one for myself in the near future, Paint is my only digital resource. Pathetically. I know.

Shall we begin? Yes. Yes we shall.
Drawn at age 13. Scanned onto computer and colored on paint. {it was for school. And it was lame.}
Drawn on paint a few days after I saw the movie... so I was...11? 12? I'm not sure.

I went through a phase where I drew alpaca hats on everything. A VERY OLD picture of me taken by Corn and then doodled on in paint. I think I named him Pedro. Clickity to zoom. Age 13.

A picture of Love You Long Time. Drawn and colored at age 12. {Back when the band was still together and before I knew how to shade.}
Picture of a girl who sat next to me in computer tech. Age 14. The shaded and finished one was better, and also deleted into oblivion!!

Old header and best thing I've ever drawn on paint! Huzzah! Age 14.


I also drew a picture of a gnome for you, but my computer deleted that too.

Rats Finnigan!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arthur Road.

arthur Pictures, Images and Photos
Whoever thought this up was a pure genius.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I don't even think I need to tell you how much I love this.

I want to be that.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Modest Mouse Madness! {Cheesy title! Don't worry! I know!}

So, now for concert talk. Last night was the opening of the Twilight Concert Series, an amazingly free concert series that runs from July to August at the amazingly scary Pioneer Park in SLC. And who was playing? {If you can't guess from the use of the band's name that was used in the title of this post, then that is a bit sad. Go take some medication. I accept you. It's okay.} None other than the ridiculously epic and absolutely fantastic Modest Mouse!! I literally thought I was going to die. {And not always in a good way!!}


Well, as you Kiddies may or may not know, Modest Mouse is a prescribed addiction from my confidante of past times, Ali Bobwah. Sure, I'm no Sam Johnson, but I do dabble in my fair share of Modest Mousery. I mean, these guys are legit. Before Danger Mouse. Before Dead mouse. Before any other mouse-related musician because I can't think of anymore. They definitely top my proverbial list of Mice and Men. {if-you-know-what-I-mean}

This was a really good concert. Their claim-to-fame numbers were excellent {i.e.: Float on, Dashboard, etc.} but it's the rarities that really shined.

Oh yes! Death! First, I died because there were 40,000 people in a relatively small park squishing together and trying to get closer to the stage. {we ended up middle center-ish in between the sound booth and the stage for the majority of the show. And we also lost fellow troopers Chuck, Mattinee, Jenners, Bryce and Dan in the extensive crowd. Moment of silence, please.}

Secondly I died because of all the pot smoke surrounding me. No worries, children! By the end of the evening, your favorite limited edition Jared Gold tee and all the other articles of clothing you chose to sacrifice will reek with the eternal Cali-grown Cannabis concocted stench of good 'ol Mary J. Now, as appealing as that sounds, it isn't. Your stomach hurts and you feel gross and you end up going home stinking that eternal stench that not even the harshest of laundry detergents can remove completely. AND I DON'T EVEN DO DRUGS. Fun, huh?

But before I scare you away from ever attending such a concert, I must assure that not all illegal drug users are crazy. {though some are, I mean, what do you expect?} A lot of them are really nice people and are needless to say really funny to watch stumble around and say stupid stuff while in a drug-induced stupor. {my personal favorite was a guy barreling through the crowd the opposite direction of the stage saying "Sorry, Excuse me guys, I'm on Acid!" while practically ramming people over.} And yes, my lovely LDS sister did provoke some of them. Especially striped tank top guy. Hilarious. Moments like that won't happen just anywhere, mind you. You have to milk it like Modest Mouse did for encore applause.

Thirdly, I died because I got a boulder thrown at me. Well, it wasn't exactly a boulder... more like a backpack filled with rocks that people were throwing up in the air and passing like a beach ball. I was enjoying MM's performance of 'Parting of the Sensory' when the backpack bludgeoned the left side of my face. Yes. The side of my face that is now bruising. The side of my face that a week ago had a portion of the skull removed only a week earlier and had not been well medicated for several hours. I practically knocked Corn and her Beanpole-pal, Brian, over. And if I hadn't suffered enough, the guy behind me claimed to be hit without spilling a precious drop of his Bud Light, while un-rightfully taking credit for my excruciating pain. {i.e: "Dude! I just got hit by that backpack!" His buddy: "Is there anything to drink in it?" No, sir. There isn't. There is rocks. And you did not get hit. You would not have such a tone of leisure in your voice if you did.} And to top that sundae off, I got hit with a shoe later on.

Fourthly, they played my absolute favorite song as their last encore! I died. I honestly think I had a mini heart attack or something. I really do love those middle-ages mice men. I really do. It made the trampled, bludgeoned, pot smelling part of the event totally and completely worth it.

Yes. That means I had fun.

And yes, that also means I can cross 'See Modest Mouse in concert' off of my 24 things to do before I turn 24 list. {I feel that 24 is such a ripe age to complete such a list.}

Speaking of that concert being worth it, I'm really happy that I could provide that shoe and backpack with a relatively soft landing. {it was a free concert, you have to pay in some way, right?} I'm also really happy that I found out about the opening band, Avi Buffalo, and that I got to meet a guy on the U.S. Olympic ski team. He even showed me his Vancouver Olympic pass thing. It was awesome. But most of all, I'm glad I got to see a band that I've want to see since I was eleven.

And yes, I'm doing it all again for Beirut, The New Pornographers, and She and Him. And yes, you will be able to find me in the middle center-ish of the crowd, in between the sound booth and the stage, wearing homemade clip-on earrings and a limited edition Jared Gold tee that reeks of other people's illegal drugs.


{Yes. I didn't quite understand how to use the scanner.}


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stitches in your mouth call for good times and spaztic posts.

I, dear readers, have been one lonely little Gilligan.

Have you ever woken up at three'o'clock in the morning and thought about sewing things for the next two hours?

On Loratab, you will.

Have you ever been reading your scriptures and you realize that you have read the same column over and over without even knowing it?

On Loratab, it can happen.

Have you ever fallen asleep during the most climactic part of your favorite Disney movie?

On Loratab, it is almost guaranteed that you will!

I keep waking up and I can't remember how I got there. This pain medication is really wigging me out. I can't concentrate. I start talking, and I don't even know what I am saying half of the time.

I'm sure I will read this post later, with horror at how much sense it does not make and how much punctuation I am incorrectly using!

But, needless to say, I am happy. I am in pain and my mouth keeps bleeding, but I am happy. I feel very blessed that my surgery went as well as it did, and that I live in a country where I have access to medication that helps me feel better. I am blessed.

I'm going to go eat some pudding. Pudding is good. And soft.