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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life would be better if I could be in San Francisco right now.

Monday, January 17, 2011

3. Connor

Pen portrait. I think I'm in love with myself for creating it. {?}
{PST! You can clickity to zoom}

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2. The tile

After months of blabbing on about it, you finally get to see it....

This is the first tile I did for my pals over at Annex skate. The tile was created way WAY back in June. Pathetically, the only picture I have was off of My sweet Walrus's phone. Since it took me forevertown to do, and I finally found the picture via webernets, I thought I would give it some credit and let it's light shine forth right here on my mini 365.
oooh.. crappy slanted phone picture.... Probably some of my best pen and watercolor work to date.

I have become rather fond of this little bag-headed axe man over the years. He was birthed from many doodles in fourth grade when I was supposed to be memorizing the counties of Utah.

Heber.... Beaver..... Bieber....?


Saturday, January 8, 2011

1. Bolo

1st photo for mini 365 project.

365- some serious photography blogidge.

So, basically, everyone I know (and don't know) is doing this 365 blog which is all about expanding photo graphical horizons and letting people be inspired by other people. Now, I was invited to participate in such an event, but pretty much I'm no good at photography, but it my own little way I want to contribute.

I'm lazy, so I won't be posting 365 days of the year {seeing as I have a bit of a late start}. But, I'd like to be better photographer {because I suck.} as well as artist, so here's my plan.

1. Post photographs or sketches as much as possible. I will number them, starting off with the next post that I do post. In this way, I will be doing a mini version of the 365 blog, but there will be no expectations because I'm not actually a part of it.

Good vibes to all you people.


Song of the day. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Please listen with reverence.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Merry Shinsmas!

Favorite tv show intended for toddlers + the shins =



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

One of the speakers on my computer is broken, leaving me only hearing half of any double-tracked song {specifically Cloud Cult.}. It is quite humorous.

I've been people watching a lot lately at school. Have you ever noticed how incredibly interesting people are? It might sound stupid that it took me fifteen years to realize the importance of differentiability in human beings, but we are all so fascinating! Simple gestures, obscure mannerisms, but mostly what each of us notice.

One thing I've always been really inspired by is Rorschach's. I'm not saying THE SECRET IS OUT. MY GUILTY PLEASURE IS PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIEZZZ or anything like that, but the human mind is quite spectacular in that we all see things differently. That's why art is so wonderful. No one has a style that is quite the same.

For instance, I was hanging out during class with my new found art friend, and we were staring at this dead bush outside of a window. {For some reason, we thought it was the coolest thing ever or something.} Whenever we'd utter something about the decaying leaves or the dirt or the window, we always would focus on something different, and it was very fun. Her style is very realistic and extremely beautiful and her observations reflected that. As for my personal style {which I honestly don't know how to describe} my words reflected that also. We think the way we draw, and I love that.

In her words, she's Michelangelo and I'm Picasso. And I'm okay with that. I don't want to be someone I'm not when it comes to my art, and I like my style. I like her style too. We have a mutual understanding of this. We speak the same language.

Weekday update:

  • I'm content. And I finished sewing my Pride and Prej. inspired dress today. My sister said it looked like a Moses dress. But did Moses really wear a dress? I think not. Robes maybe, but I don't think the neckline on my dress would be flattering on him.
  • SOTD: This album came in the mail the other day and I've already listened to it too many times. {Think Paul McCartney soul + Andrew Bird Vibrato + Dirty Projectors quirkiness} You have to listen to the whole song though... SO GREAT.

xo- Lexi Vivienne

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


After about a month of deliberation, I finally ordered some glasses. The ones I originally wanted were {supposed to} look like this on me. But with all of these kids these days and their crazy technology, who knows what they would have been in real life! People and their computers... I'm getting too old for this crap.

Anyways, I found a different website {via my old gym teacher} that had many more options for much much much much much cheaper. I decided to keep my options open, and go with these two beauties.

First I have my serious pair. Conservative and classay. People are totally going to take me seriously when wearing these. Who WOULDN'T respect someone with these glasses. They are also a homage to my good pal, Woody Allen. I mean, just look at the side serifs! I mean business, yo!
*"Wow." you say. " could that picture get any smaller??" Well, guess what! It CAN!

Y'all just had to test me.....

The second pair and also the cheaper of the two is my party pair. I will wear them when partying. {?}


I'm classy. And the worst blogger ever.

P.S: Apparently, bread boy read this blog and found the comic I wrote about him. Weirded out.