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Friday, July 29, 2011


This is Kilby Court. {No. It's not a garage! IT'S A MUSIC VENUE! Why on earth would you say that?!?}

So, my sister's in this awesome band called The Staples. She recently {as in 3 weeks ago} replaced their old bassist, and is now living the high life as a rock and roll star... Sorta. Anyways, on Monday a week ago, they played... wait. no. They HEADLINED at the ever-established Kilby Court, and I was very lucky to watch and take blurry pictures with my new camera. There were 4 bands before them. This guy, Charles Ellsworth, was seriously good. Maybe it was just because he had the coolest moustache ever....Actually, I don't remember any of his music.... I really just spent the entire time trying to photograph his moustache. Which failed. {Don't worry, ladies. He works at the local Urban Outfitters.}

After listening to him, we hung out in the merch room for way too long, causing near heat exhaustion and hanging out with this guy, Bryson. {Bryson has self-esteem issues.}

Door to the merch room. Notice the woodpile.... Kilby is the classiest joint in SLC. Some merch.
Also, to join the tradition of all traditions, I drew a little something on the wall. It's the record player guy. In case you didn't catch that.

Ah!! And there they are!! The Staples themselves!! All of my pictures turned out blurry once again, so I took the liberty of stealing some from their facebook page.

This is my sister. Being a sexy bassist. Which I am totally jealous of. Because I wish I was a bassist.

They have tons of super new and super awesome unrecorded songs, so if you have the chance to catch them live, do. Because they are so much better live. A little Strokes-y, A little Arctic Monkeys-y. Listen to them here..... and also "like" them if you have a facebook....


Saturday, July 23, 2011


I draw myself a lot.

I need to work on stuff for my booth at Summerfest,

But seeing as I have no ambition,

and really like drawing cartoons of myself,

That hasn't quite happened yet.

Oh, Bother.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I was cleaning out my closet the other day when I came across a box full of all of these great photos of myself in high school. It sure is crazy to see what I looked like then in comparison to what I look like now. What I don't understand is that crazy little white bar at the bottom... We didn't even HAVE the internet back when all of these photos of me were taken. Let alone URL's for that matter!!

Ho,ho,ho. And, for the sake of blogging and preserving the obvious nostalgia of this situation, I scanned all of those photos onto this here compyewtur for your viewing pleasure. You know, seeing as I'm sixteen and all and now planning my funeral and whatnot and dustin' off my AARP membership card, I figures I should have something for my grand kids to remember me by.

Oh man, just look at me in this one. I sure was a smooth operator back in my day. I made mom jeans and floral couches look so good.

Looky here! It's me and the ol' chess club! Dominating state champs of '73! Kenneth, Barb, and Steve sure knew how to checkmate. I remember that after this photo was taken, we all got into this crazy-intense chess match, which ended in Barb's arm amputation. Steve ended up as a John Stamos impersonator in Modesto, last I heard. Kenneth is a hair bleach salesman. Man, my bangs looked great in this picture.

This is me back in my olde athletic participant days. When I was younger and more spry {as pictured} I had a patterned baldness disorder in which my hair grew naturally from the scalp, balded just below, and started growing again in a fringe that covered the eyebrows and had a different hair color and texture than the hair growing on my scalp. This photo was taken shortly after I was diagnosed with Male Patterned baldness disorder for females {MPBfF} but later became less noticeable as I experimented with different hair styles.

Me and Jimmy Howell were lab partners that whole year... I remember it well. At first, he made fun of me for my MPBfF disorder, but we later became good chums as we tried to invent a cure for my disorder.

Oh! Yes! I was voted Best Country Line Dancer by my fellow classmates!! I sure knew how to shimmy-n-shake on the dance floor.

This photo was taken during a stage of puberty in which my head became ultimately too large for my face.

I will never forget that afro. Cindy, Janice and Hazel. Four part harmony. Four ukuleles. 20 minute harmonica solos. It was a good life.

I was thrilled when I got these glasses. Truly thrilled.

Ah! Me and the boys at the photography club! We switched over when the chess club became way too mainstream. I had the hots for Davy in the middle there. We held hands during the homecoming football game. Under the bleachers. In the moonlight. We would have kissed, but he had headgear that he was supposed to wear when he wasn't shooting of getting photographed, so I restrained.

Oh, those were the days.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Sacrament meeting doodle: faceless

Now I regret not starting this one in pencil, but I didn't have a pencil. So here ya go kids: Blood, sweat, and PEN! Also, don't look too closely at the hatching. It isn't my best.

Birthday post and public transportation post coming soon....



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Social....eliteness? {An illustrated guide}

Yesterday I dweebishly finished as in..the nerdy superhero graphic novel... And while I was lying in bed last night, I realized just how much of a nerd I have really become, whether or not I actually like to admit it. You see, here's how my brain works.. You see, I'm sitting there in all of my nerdiness, reading none other than...Watchmen.... thinking about watching Muppet Treasure Island and having a Diablo 2 and Doctor Who marathon with my cousin the next day. My brain sees absolutely nothing wrong with this. My brain is drinking a Dr. Pepper while thinking of news items to add to her "The Killers" shrine. There's nothing wrong with that, right?
WRONG. There's a knock on the door. And that knock belongs to coolness. Then my brain goes into hyper-drive. I quickly try to cleanse the nerd. Hide the nerd. PURGE THE NERD!! Because, in all actuality, I'm not even cool enough to be accepted by cool people, and I'm not nerdy enough to be accepted by nerds.

I think the technical term for that is POSER. Which, I admit I am. {And no, not to worry, I wouldn't actually RIP a Doctor Who poster. sheesh. I have respect. }
So, now the nerd is concealed. Sure, my nerdiness has built up gradually over time, but I believe it is only peaking now. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would even come remotely close to reading a graphic novel, you would have been met with the reply "Heavens, no. Do you honestly think I would stoop to that in my fine and cool glory?" Well, kids. Here I am. Reaching new depths of self pity.
Then coolness arrives and I am expected to be cool. People think I'm cool, people expect me to be cool because I'm an "art kid" or whatever. But, honestly, I'm not cool. I'm a nerd that isn't nerdy enough to be accepted by nerds so I try and cover that up to seem cool. Yes, I own the entire series of Invader Zim on dvd and yes I have watched it so many times that I can quote it. precisely. So, when put in a situation where I have to seem socially elite and not like I am interested in uncool things, I stumble. Or just remain really,really quiet and try to put in my two cents like I know what I'm doing. {PS: I don't.}
Naturally, I attempt to hide my nerdy side of the brain that is not really nerdy from the cool side. I try to justify it by telling myself it's okay to read graphic novels and watch muppet treasure island. But NO! IT IS NOT JUSTIFIABLE.

I promise I didn't use to be this way. What have I become?


Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Can Jam.

I was recently asked to do the promotional posters for an upcoming Utah Food Bank benefit concert. Are you ready for a post about my artiztick procezz? Here goes.... starting with the original pen sketch.
Levels adjustment and a bit of erasing.
Added some textures after coloring faceless man and his gee-tar {west side story reference... anyone? Bueller?}
Below is my favorite stage of the process... I loved the outcome of the completed digital painting.... I wish I could have kept it that way before adding the text!

And finally....Woo!! Weeks of hard work finally completed! It feels dang good too, kids. Come if you are in the area!!!


Dearest Bloggerlings,

No need to worry. I failed my driving test by four points. You can all stop praying. At least I'll never ever have to deal with that awful man ever again. Thank you.

Freedom! And now onto the state driving division!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Church Doodlin's: Messy bun gal.

Her shoulders are supposed to give her "attitude", and asymmetrical composition FOR THE WIN. I don't draw girls that aren't myself very often, and this one was inspired by a lovely gal in my ward who happens to be a model going to FIDM next year. {Soooo Jealous.... curse lack of scholarships and out-of-state tuition...dfsjkghajkhrejwh} I debated whether or not to give her glasses, but I think I like her how she is. Despite her crooked eyes which bug. But the hair is satisfactory! I'm just rambling. Sorry, guys and gals. Probably mostly gals.




....Metronomy special edition copy of Night's Out designed by KARL LAGERFIELD, BATMAN!?!?!