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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What you've all been waiting for.

The folks over at Odeus skate (!!) asked me to design the cover for their newest skate film, Tilt. I pretty much had free reigns over the entire project, and I'm happy to say that after 20+ hours of work, I finally finished it.
{Hint: clickity to see the whole thing.}
Ballpoint pen {red and black}, acrylic, watercolor.

My lovely friends let me position them in awkward and potentially misinterpreted ways, which resulted in this. No, my friends are not slaves. No, this will not be considered as manual labor. {just don't ask to see the sweatshop in the back room.}

Because I am an ardist, and I have ultimate authority over every situation, I only allow males named Andrew to model for me. I am always in charge, and people always do what I tell them. Always. That's just how it is.


Me:  " Will to look like you just punched in the face...For me?"

Andrew #1: begrudgingly, "Yeah. I guess. Whatever. Are you paying me for this?"

Me: "Paying you....with... love?"

Me: " Can I.... take a picture of your... legs?"

Andrew {Not Beck}#2: "Wait....what?!"


The face is Andrew's.  The pants are other Andrew's {Not Beck's}. I'll be posting close-ups of the front soon. Because it's the kewl thing to do. And so you can witness the paisley-blood-y glory in full splendor.  The blood is not real.

The film premieres next Friday at the Inferno Cantina in SLC.

Did I mention that my IDOL MIKE MURDOCK {see sidebar} WILL BE THERE?!?! And did I also mention that it is presented by SLUG!? MY DREAMS?!?

Oh Yeah.

It's no big deal.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Olde news...

I still have to wait to tell you all the big news..... but in quick-I-have-so-much-other-crap-to-do-so-I-will-not-spend-time-telling-you-all-this-in-a-really-long-blog-post news.... I got asked to homecoming.

And I'm actually really excited.

>>>------------>  Lex

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have a best friend. Named KC. On an LDS mission. His companion-sir-fellow sent me a letter which I received in the mail today. That calligraphy is all done by hand. Yum.